Three Trump Days Left

Donald Trump has three days left, 74 hours 15 long minutes; his miserable term ends on Wednesday, January 20th at noon. The conjecture is that he will commit crimes until the very end. How so? One example is the get out of jail for cash scheme that appears to be in full swing, bribery in exchange for freedom. A flurry of pardons for criminals with money are expected to be issued on Wednesday morning.

I interpret that last sentence as meaning Trump can not pardon himself for the acts he committed on January 06, because he was impeached for those crimes. Despite my opinions, he may do so, and also issue blanket pardons to his children.

Illegal pardons can be overturned.

With each passing day, anxiety increases for employees at State Capitols throughout the country, despite increased security. Washington DC appears to be secure. 8-foot non-scalable fencing that had been installed around the Capital Building in the aftermath of the January 6th attack, has been replaced with reinforced 12-foot bulletproof glass walls surrounding the perimeter of government buildings.

Streets are closed to anyone not authorized to be there and there are several checkpoints requiring clearance upon entry. Throughout the city, 25,000 National Guards are in place, authorized to “use lethal force if necessary.”

Any rational thinking seditionist will have seen all the FBI arrests over the past 11 days as well as the ramped-up security and realized two things:

  1. Attempting to overthrow the government is illegal.
  2. Felons are not allowed to have guns, let alone strap Glocks to their thighs and carry them out in public. Freshman members of Qongress- Baubert, and Greene likely don’t know that– yet.

** The FBI is asking people to stay home Sunday (today,) and Wednesday because of threats of violence by militia groups.

*Memes pilfered from the internet.

13 thoughts on “Three Trump Days Left

  1. **I deserve to be pardoned because I just did what our President told me to do** to which my mother would have said, “If someone told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?”

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      1. It is quite amazing how quiet they have all become. I can’t wait to see how big a deal his send-off turns out to be. A red carpet and military band….what in the heck??

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      1. In fact, he shouldn’t even visit any U.S. military bases, or they might keep him there involuntarily for some mental reorientation. Those folks are real good at that for those they don’t like.

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