Four Trump Days Left

Stop the steal, for real!

  • File this under- you have got to be kidding me. Is the classy crime family is planning an eBay auction?
  • Meanwhile, the Pentagon has denied Hair Trump his request for a military parade send-off “full with honors.” Can we offer no respect for a failed insurrectionist, would-be dictator? The answer is yes, we can offer no respect.
  • Poor Rudy Giuliani. Not only is he being disbarred, but his only client, self-professed “billionaire” Donald Trump, who has filed bankruptcy six times, (so far,) to avoid paying vendors and contractors for goods and services rendered, has refused to pay him. Too bad for Rudi, but I saw on Borat that he likes to get stiffed.

  • 25,000 members of the National Guard are being deployed to secure the inauguration on January 20, as well as to protect the Capitol Building, White House, and all of D.C. FYI, they’re authorized to use lethal force, bubba.
  • Puerto Rico is, as I type, sending National Guards to Washington, DC to defend President-elect Biden, despite their denied right to vote in the presidential election, and their lack of representation in Congress. It’s time to make Puerto Rico (and D.C.) a state.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who murdered two peaceful protesters in Wisconsin, is out on bail thanks to child actor Ricki Schroeder, and a fundraising campaign that includes selling t-shirts and hats that paint Rittenhouse as a hero. He was photographed with a member of the ‘Proud Boys’ domestic terrorist organization in a bar this week, flashing the white power sign, smiling, and drinking beer with his parents. Rittenhouse is a murderer. He has shitty parents and its unfortunate idiots can procreate, but his teenage ass belongs in prison, not in a bar drinking with his shitty parents. Does he feel any remorse? It doesn’t look like it.
  • Don’t get excited with this statement: The National Rifle Association announced on Friday that it has filed bankruptcy petitions in a U.S. court as part of a restructuring plan. This is a ploy they use after every mass shooting and every major gun-related event. They cry bankruptcy and are flooded with donations. The NRA is a corrupt FOR PROFIT organization, disguised as a non-profit which allows them to avoid paying taxes. They launder Russian money for the GOP.

  • The Pew Research Center has released its latest poll showing Trump still maintains a 29% approval rating. How do you deprogram that many people?
  • Trump has requested the use of AirForce One to return to Mar a Lago on January 20.
  • I think this is the send-off he deserves.

  • Joe Biden’s choice of cabinet is confusing the current administration. It includes no family members, no donors, no spouses or partners of Congressional leaders, and no Fox News hosts.

    6 thoughts on “Four Trump Days Left

      1. There hasn’t been much news about the artifacts seen carried out of the White House, so who knows what’s happening, but Trump does have an embarrassing habit of stealing art:
        “Trump reportedly took home $750,000 worth of art from the home of the US ambassador to France in 2018 after canceling a World War I cemetery visit”

        Rittenhouse makes me sick too.

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