Let’s Do it Again- Impeach Trump, Take II

Today’s impeachment vote, currently underway in the House of Representatives is a no brainer. Donald Trump will be impeached, again. This time he’ll make history, becoming the first president of the United States to have been impeached twice. He wouldn’t hold that distinction had Republican Senators voted to convict him a year ago, as facts had dictated they should.

We can expect at least 141 GOP House Members to vote against impeachment, because that is the number who, after the siege on January 6th, continued to forward Trump’s lie that the election was stolen.

No matter, there are 433 Members of the House (two seats are vacant,) and impeach Trump only requires a simple majority. Several House Republicans have already publicly voiced their intention to vote to impeach Trump, including Satan’s spawn Liz Cheney.

There are 222 Democratic members, and even if there are a few defectors, Trump’s fate is sealed.

Notice something off (or on,) about Representative Jim Jordan in this picture, taken on January 6th during the attack on the Capital? Correct answer– he is wearing a jacket. Why would he who never wears a jacket finally don one during a coup attempt? 🤔

The Capitol Building is better guarded today. Surrounding streets are blocked off, and, it has been widely reported that a large group of military officers is in and around the Capitol Building ready for their orders.

They should have been there on January 6th.

Once the deed is done, whether the Senate convicts remains to be seen. Evil turtle Mitch McConnell has shocked us all by breaking his ties with Trump and agreeing to allow the Senate to vote on convicting him.


It is unlikely the House will turn the articles over to the Senate unless they know they have the votes required to at least ban Trump from holding office again (51%). [Checks fingers, then toes,] seventeen Republican Senators must vote yes to reach the two-thirds vote required to convict and remove Trump from office immediately.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know he no longer controlled the military or had access to the U.S. nuclear arsenal?

With every passing day, we get more alarming information regarding the coordination that took place between attackers and members of Congress within the Capital Building.

Representative Mickie Sherrill says that on January 05, 2021, members of Congress “gave ‘reconnaissance’ tours” to some of the same people who stormed the capital the next day. Imagine having to work with 141 people you can’t trust enough to turn your back on.


New this week— anyone entering the Capital must pass through a metal detector. I have a hard time believing that wasn’t procedure before, considering most schools have them. Weapons are not allowed in the Capitol Building.

1/12/21 6:42 PM☝️🏼

Despite the threat they faced just one week ago some Republican lawmakers are refusing to comply with the new metal detector rule. Five representatives set off alarms then refused to have their bags searched yesterday.

Why do these lawmakers think rules don’t apply to them? Why are they carrying weapons? I realize the new Glock toting Qanon congresswoman from Colorado, Lauren Boebert, whose entire platform was to fight for what she believes the second amendment means, had promised that if she was elected she would go to work armed.

Boebert during the attack on the Capitol-☝️🏼

The woman is a threat. During the siege, she sent four tweets announcing Speaker Pelosi’s location each time. Why hasn’t she been arrested?


More evidence of how deep the foiled plot against Congress was, has come to light.

Executive Director of the Republican Attorney General’s office, Adam Piper, has stepped down over robocalls urging supporters to the Capitol: “At 1 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal…”


Trump‘s world is crumbling around him, which only makes him more desperate and dangerous. Deutsche Bank, the go-to bank for laundering money has decided Trump is too corrupt for them. They were the last bank on planet earth willing to do his laundry. Trump lost his usefulness along with the election because he was no longer able to sustain the bank’s deregulation. They can also expect profits via tax cuts to end, again.


Lots of deleting going on this week. ☝️🏼

Those 141 GOP members of Congress are losing their corporate funding now that they have become known as seditionists.


Let’s review Donald Trump’s week so far:

  • The House has moved to impeach Trump at 9 am Eastern time
  • Mitch now supports impeachment
  • Conservative Liz Cheney announced her intention to vote to impeach

And what’s this?

  • Junior is now under criminal investigation by the USAO-Department of Justice, DC

The walls are closing in on Trump and co-conspirators

The FBI is gathering evidence on Trump’s incitement of violence and a wide range of crimes during the Capitol riots committed on his behest ranging from trespassing to murder. Hundreds of cases have been opened.

A key organizer of the “Stop the Steal” movement, right-wing activist Ali Alexander says he had inside help with his attempt to stop Congress’s vote to certify the electoral college votes. His help came from three GOP lawmakers: Representatives Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), and Paul A. Gosar (Ariz.), all hard-line Trump supporters. Did these same members of congress give “reconnaissance tours” on January 5th?


Now that the public is aware of this threat we can watch what unfolds with the knowledge that either the government is invested in the “armed protests,” or they are taking efforts to protect our democracy.

At most, we have one week left until Trump is out of office.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Do it Again- Impeach Trump, Take II

  1. I am not sure that will be quite enough. I am sure that he and his whatever-expletive-you-want-to-insert-here “base” are planning for him to declare martial law so he can stay in office. Which is why the senate dragging its feet as if this is not an emergency is a form of treason.
    I rarely write on politics, being more of a pretty pictures sort, but did a short post the other day about words, and Mr. Graham, who does not deserve the title of senator. He said “if something else happens all options will be on the table”. What happened last week was “something else”! How many COVID-19 deaths are we at now? The FBI warning of plans to attack all 50 capitols is “SOMETHING ELSE”!!!
    Big money needs to pull up its socks and demand that the senate meet and remove Trump from office today. If they tell Moscow to do it he will. Oh, Donny Boy needs to be air freighted to Gitmo, with no communication privileges, along with any member of his domestic terror base who want to be with Dear Leader, as demonstrated by their communications and behavior, to await trial. They are a clear and present danger to all of us.
    Big money needs to look in the mirror and realize that occasionally you have to make an investment to make money. If we are all hunkering at home their precious economy won’t be doing so well.

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