The title of my last post wrongly said that Trump conceded. It was a mistake, I realized as I hit publish. I meant to say he agreed to comply with Biden’s transition, which is what I wrote in the text of my post.

This is great news for us all, it means Biden can hit the ground running. He will get daily security briefings, the ones Trump doesn’t read, and he’ll get information on the Covid19 vaccination and be able to plan it’s distribution, which Trump is not doing.

Anyway, let me tell you about another slip up, then maybe this one won’t seem as bad.

I drop the f-bomb a lot when speaking to and texting friends, so much so that autocorrect has picked it up.

My son was seven, at a birthday party, when I sent him a text: “Are you ready to get picked up?” As I hit send I saw that autocorrect had changed my text to “Are you ready to get fucked up?”

Chaos ensued.

Not really, he ignores my texts and I was able to delete it before he read it.

The moral of the story is proofread everything twice.

7 thoughts on “*Correction*

  1. Wonderful…….One of my favorite quotations (author unknown) “The computer allows us to make more mistakes faster than any device with the possible exceptions of tequila and hand guns.”

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  2. Lydia, you might like to look up on youtube, Gabriel Sterling, the Georgia voting system manager. You might enjoy sharing a few pot shots with him and a half-pint of tequila. He’s my hero today. He can be your hero too, but be ready to duck!

    He’s got some very wise guidance for our president.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been preoccupied these past few days and, until you suggested it, I missed Sterling’s press conference. I remember him from the first time Trump lost Georgia almost a month ago.
      I will give him another look.

      We need more people like Sterling. His words should be inspiring to the good people we’ve elected, unfortunately, I don’t expect any members of congress who have chosen the wrong team to wise up at this point.

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