Michigan Certifies Biden’s Win and What’s His Name Agrees to Cooperate With Transition

Believe it or not, the last votes for the 2020 election are still being counted. With each update Joe Biden’s popular-vote lead increases. He is currently 4 percentage points ahead of that other guy.

The electoral vote count has been finalized and can not change with the remaining outstanding votes. Biden is at 306 and him at 232.

Despite Biden’s 154,000 vote lead in Michigan, and with the knowledge that Trump couldn’t whine loud enough to change numbers, Norman Shinkle, a Republican member of the Michigan Board of Canvassers voted against certifying Biden’s win.


*Bumbling: clumsily incompetent or ineffectual

*Fool: a weak-minded or idiotic person.

So, Norm did this and his three colleagues voted to certify the state’s results, making Norm’s gesture ineffective.

“Michigan board certifies Nov. 3 election, cementing Biden victory.”


What Norm did accomplish was twofold:

1. Norm fed conspiracy theories that Biden’s win was not legitimate, further riling Trump’s base, and perpetuating division in our nation.

2. Norm may as well have tattooed a giant red T on his forehead because this will be his legacy, what he is remembered for above anything does in his career.

Oh look:

*Bonus for Norm: two hours after he voted against Democracy, White House officials were “blindsided” by the news that the sore-loser-in-chief agreed to comply with Biden’s transition — White House Officials found out when they heard CNN reporting the story.


Oops – Norm picked the wrong team. He hopped on the Titanic as the musician’s soused instruments muted.

* I corrected my title- he hasn’t “conceded,” he has finally agreed to comply with Biden’s transition team. Big difference, sorry. 😬

8 thoughts on “Michigan Certifies Biden’s Win and What’s His Name Agrees to Cooperate With Transition

  1. Oh, no, no. There will be no conceding. That would make him a LOSER. This way he just lets Biden have access to what he needs. I want to see him throw a fit when he realizes he actually has to leave the White House.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I realized as I hit publish what my title said. I’ve tried to change it, without much success. 🙄

      I’ll send out a correction.
      I hope someone does videotape him when he’s dragged out. They could do pay-per-view and clear the deficit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Breaking tradition is what he does best, in the most awful way possible. Yes, golfing will be his tantrum of choice. Who cares, so long as we no longer have to put up with him. Don’t you love Sarah Cooper?

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