Trump’s Attempted Coup

Republican Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is offering $1 million from his campaign funds for evidence of voter fraud. In other words, he has incentivized the fabrication of evidence. Everything’s bigger in Texas. (Big hair, best there.)

Payoffs in other states are going for far less. In South Carolina, $130,000 was enough to buy the false testimony of a postal worker, Richard Hopkins, who claimed to witness mail-in ballot fraud. He accused a postmaster in Erie, Pennsylvania of instructing postal workers to “backdate ballots mailed after Election Day.” He has since recanted that story as well.

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) used the postal worker as an example in a letter to the Justice Department calling for a federal investigation into election fraud.

Robert R. Lynn, a registered Republican Trump supporter, was arrested after requesting an absentee ballot for his mother who died in 2015.

Do you see a pattern? Republicans are committing election fraud and crying widespread voter fraud. They’re using it to demand officials invalidate election results. Trump has his supporters committing election fraud, a felony, on his behalf. That’s some potent Kool-Aid.

We thought we had reason to worry throughout the last four years, but Trump’s lame-duck period, now through January 20 will be more dangerous. He is cornered and lashing out. Despite everything Trump is carrying out his plans as he plots with the help of his criminal enablers.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” ~Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr has been busy creating a legal argument that this election was fraudulent.

These baseless election lawsuits have failed, so far.

We expected Trump to refuse to leave, his election-eve building of an eight-foot concrete wall surrounding the White House is an indication of what is to come. We were also tipped off by Trump’s former longtime fixer, Michael Cohen, who told us years ago that there would be no peaceful transition of power.

We knew, yet here we are, watching as Trump rearranges the heads of departments that stand between him and ordering his heavily armed right-wing militia to take to the streets, or perhaps something worse.

The Department of Justice’s election crimes chief resigned after Barr allowed prosecutors to probe voter fraud claims.

Barr is “looking into” allegations of ineligible voters in Nevada and mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

That makes seven veteran career prosecutors who have resigned, from four high-profile cases, because of Attorney General Bill Barr’s actions including Flynn, Durham, Stone, and Barr’s use of the DOJ to undermine election results.

“In accord with the best tradition of the John C. Keeney Award for Exceptional Integrity and Professionalism (my most cherished Departmental recognition), I must regretfully resign” ~Richard Pilger DOJ head of election crimes branch

Let’s not forget that Bill Barr crafted the memo stating that a sitting President can not be indicted. He also misrepresented and undermined the Mueller Report.

White House instructs senior officials to block any cooperation with Biden’s transition team: Washington Post

In the Senate, Moscow Mitch McConnell, who won re-election by an inexplicable margin, refuses to acknowledge Biden’s win until after the board of electors, the members of the electoral college, certify results. Trump has attempted to coerce electors and attempted to replace them with more pliable pawns.

Several top Republicans have been outspoken on Trump’s behalf, supporting his efforts to undermine the election, even though the only voter fraud we have seen was instigated by Trump and carried out by his supporters.

“If we accept these election results ‘you’d never have a Republican president forever.” ~Senator Lindsey Graham

I interpret Graham this way, if Republicans can’t steal this election, Democrats will make it impossible to cheat in the future. This is true.

How can GOP Members of Congress argue that Trump’s loss was fraudulent while claiming their own wins in Congress were legitimate?

When exit polls are so far off the results, for only the second time in American history, (the first being Trump’s first “win,”) I don’t trust results. That is the case with Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Susan Collins of Maine, John Cornyn of Texas, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, etc. There is a commonality among these wins, and it is that each of those states chose to use hackable voting machines that leave no paper trail. Explain to me how a POTUS whose approval ratings hovered around 41% throughout his reign garnered 48% of the popular vote.

*If you have a Twitter account, look up Jennifer Cohn. She has investigated and spoken out about the hack-ability of a variety of voting machines for years and has authored a book on the subject.

I believe Trump is truly shocked that his efforts to steal this election were unsuccessful. Hackable machines could be the reason he was so adamantly against mail-in ballots, and why he appointed his campaign donor Louise DeJoy as Post Master General to sabotage the US postal service. Mail-in ballots are hand-marked, hand-counted, and they are on paper which can be recounted.

Still, Trump didn’t cheat well enough to win the White House.

What do ya know, Martha McSally is refusing to concede her senate seat, a seat she was appointed after losing her election to fill a vacancy left by the death of Senator John McCain.

The Republican Party is proving itself to be a party willing to throw the U.S. into a dictatorship if it means they retain power. They argue against fair elections, undermine the rights of “we the people” to elect our officials. They serve themselves, not their constituents. This will be their undoing.

A candidate becomes “President-Elect” (for purposes of the transition rules) when the GSA Administrator ascertains that it’s “apparent” that they’ve won an electoral college majority. ~The Presidential Transition Act of 1963

Biden’s lead grows with every vote counted. So far he leads Trump by 5 million popular votes, and he has well surpassed the 270 votes that determine the winner in our screwed-up electoral college system of electing a President.

World leaders know this. Election results aren’t even close.

Still, Emily Murphy, the Trump White House appointee required to sign documents to allow transition protocols to begin is refusing to do so.

Trump’s White House transition staffer is refusing to sign documents that hands over power: report

Not only are world leaders aware of this situation, but finally a new poll shows nearly 80% of Americans also believe President-elect Joe Biden won the election, and that includes a majority of Trump voters.

Biden’s response was essential; when he was told of Pompeo’s remarks he graced us with his million-dollar smile and chuckled as he told us his transition is well underway, and that Trump’s compliance is superfluous.…

Let’s pause for an idiot welfare check:

Ben Carson has tested positive for Covid19.

Some important dates for Georgia residents:

  • DECEMBER 07 is REGISTRATION DEADLINE for the Georgia run-off election,
  • GEORGIA’s run-off election will be held on January 05.
  • Please make Mitch McConnell the Senate Minority Leader by voting, Georgia. It will make a difference in what Biden can accomplish.
  • If you need some reassurance that the future will be a vast improvement over the past and present, check out the Biden transition website. It is live and updated, with a list of priorities, an outline of the transition, and what he wants to do on day one.

    Don’t worry that Trump might issue himself a blanket pardon. A state, like New York, could criminally charge this lame-duck POTUS today. I wish they would. A judge could order him to surrender his passport, subject him to electronic monitoring. I wish one would.

    Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall in Trump’s bunker?

    We have hope there is work being done behind the scenes, that the FBI is secure our democracy. Trump has stepped over the line into dangerous territory. I have to believe the smile on Biden’s calm face is a signal that the situation is in capable hands. We can’t wait for Biden’s inauguration on January 20. To do so would give Trump two more months to plan his coup.

    Oh, look, a moving sale!

    Democracies do fall.

    13 thoughts on “Trump’s Attempted Coup

    1. I think we all thought things would get a little crazy if/when tRump lost. But THIS crazy? What keeps me going is the cool and calm of Joe Biden. January 20 is gonna be interesting.
      ps: I really wanna smack Mike Pompeo. “…getting read for the Trump’s second term.” Give me a freakin’ break.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I loved Biden’s speech yesterday. I think that the current incumbent and his family are trying to amass a bunch of money before heading out. They say they are collecting for recounts but the fine print says most of the money will be used to pay down their debts. Putin is also involved his carefully worded response was eerily similar to what Moscow Mitch and several other R’s have been saying. Almost like they are reading off the same script.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Don’t underestimate Xi. Moscow Mitch has family financial ties to PRC. MM’s long term degradation of the institutions of the US government look like the type of strategy that someone who grew up playing go might use.

          Liked by 1 person

    3. XingfuMama

      Don’t underestimate Xi. Moscow Mitch has family financial ties to PRC. …

      Yes, Mitch McConnel (as one example) has foreign conflicts of interest with Russia, China, and (probably) more. He is not committed to the United States.

      Liked by 1 person

    4. alotfromlydia

      I have no doubt the GOP is the property of Putin.

      The GOP [ more, that is, than McConnel ] has become very convoluted (there is evidence from over a decade ago… almost two), and I agree with you.

      Perhaps China as well. What most people don’t understand is that there is capitalism all over the world — even in communist countries. And the Republicans are primarily about accumulation.

      Liked by 1 person

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