It’s Time to Concede

Happy Friday!

It appears fighting election results, no matter how stacked the courts, will not garner our delusional Dollhands the results he wants. His attorneys keep filing lawsuits, but with no evidence to substantiate his accusations, the losses continue to mount.

Read in NPR:

With an electoral college win of 306-232, and a popular vote count showing Biden with 76,585,562 and Trump with five million fewer votes, 71,752,909, China has offered belated congratulates to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their election victory. Vladimir Putin is the only world leader left who has not commented on the results. Mitch McConnell, other GOP operatives, and my Russian neighbor (who hasn’t taken down his Trump yard sign,) still refuse to accept results, but always the hypocrite, Mitch doesn’t have a problem accepting the results of his Kentucky reelection.

President-elect Joe Biden has already filled the leadership void the U.S. has suffered, sending condolences to military families of five American troops who died when their helicopter crashed off the coast of Egypt. Not a word from Trump on the matter.

Results of the Senate election still stand at 50-48 Republicans in the lead. However, two seats in Georgia have triggered run-off elections to be held on January 5, 2021. If Democrats win both seats we will have a tied Senate which would make V.P. Kamala Harris the tiebreaker.

The Senate is, in theory, supposed to work together toward common goals in a bipartisan manner, but McConnell’s goal in life seems to be blocking everything put forth by Democrats. Democrats must win both seats in Georgia or Biden’s effectiveness as a leader will be limited. For example, the GOP is already threatening to block a Susan Rice Cabinet position citing four deaths in Benghazi.

I’ll leave you with this awesome video ☝️🏼and a picture of my dog, Grendel. 👇🏻 We’ve been through a lot, keep your chin up. 😉

6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Concede

  1. Seems like there should be some serious effort put into making sure that Kentucky actually had free and fair elections. Also, I really think that there should be an FBI investigation into Moscow Mitch’s financial ties to both China and Russia. Still think that he has been acting as an agent to bring down the US government.

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    1. I agree. Districts with high numbers of democrats went to Mc Connell in suspiciously high numbers. There are a lot of reasons to suspect tampering. His refusal to allow election security is another red flag.


  2. I recently “found” your blog and LOVE IT!!!!
    Regarding the Republican senate balking at a Susan Rice cabinet position………….how about Hilary Clinton in an interim position until the Republicans can decide on Susan Rice?
    That might help them move along………..or not!
    Either way is a win/win for Democrats…………….

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