Count Every Ballot!

Let’s start with some good news. Democrats in the House of Representatives have added five seats to their majority. The House is solid blue.

As far as the presidency, we knew we’d wake up without election results. The election is not over until every ballot has been counted, despite Trump’s proclamation that counting will stop.

  • Biden is leading in Wisconsin with little room for Trump to overtake him in that state.
  • Biden now leads in Michigan and most outstanding votes should be favorable to him.
  • Biden leads Nevada with only mail-in votes from 11/3 and on yet to be counted.
  • Georgia is still counting
  • One million votes have yet to be counted in Pennsylvania
  • Arizona will go to Biden

Voter suppression is the norm in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. We have got to clean up our elections.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m angry that there are so many Americans who are blind to tRump’s character. The smattering of Trump signs in my neighborhood shocked me. Why does the rest of the world see what Trump is, but 40% of the population here is blind. This race should not be this close.

Close as it may be, it is my opinion is that we will have confirmation of a 46th President, (buh-bye 45) this week. Trump is not going to win reelection, despite his planned intention to take his fight over results to his newly stacked Supreme Court.

The GOP did this:

State legislators delayed the commencement of counting absentee ballots in the states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. They refused requests to allow early counting of absentee ballots, which is the norm in many states. Had the GOP complied we could have had results now.

They caused the delay and now they’re using that delay as an excuse to disenfranchise voters.

The GOP majority in the Senate refused to secure our elections. Is it odd that they defied polls to maintain their Senate seats? Call me crazy, but I don’t trust hackable machines.

30 million votes must still be counted. Among those are ballots US Post Master General Louis DeJoy is holding.

Trump urged his supporters not to vote by mail after installing a corrupt donor as Postmaster General.

The USPS will be in court this morning to explain why they disregarded a court order to conduct sweeps in 12 postal districts after more than 300,000 ballots can’t be traced.

The United States Postal Service is a crime scene, and the Post Master General has committed voter suppression and is guilty of election tampering.

Defying a court order, US Postmaster General USPS Louise Dejoy failed to deliver 27% of south Florida’s mail-in ballots.

“At some point, the postmaster is either going to have to be deposed or appear before me and testify under oath. The court has been very clear that it expects full compliance.” ~Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan

I remember when tampering with the mail was a federal offense.

Pardon my FrenchMerde, putain, putain, putain, Je Suis crevé!

Senate results are not good. Were machines rigged? Republicans insisted on blocking election security and somehow defied polls again.

  • I’m so angry that Kentucky re-elected Mitch McConnell, they don’t want their Social Security. They don’t care about his Supreme Court shenanigans.
  • I’m angry with South Carolina because the chose to re-elect Lindsey Graham despite having a formidable opponent.
  • Maine! Susan Collins? Really? This is very concerning.
  • Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler is going to a runoff. That’s right, the COVID19 insider trading Senator, appointed by a governor who had been Secretary of State for his own election and used that position to win his election by wiping out voter registrations in Democratic precincts.

Pardon more Frenchmerde, putain, putain, putain!

This election should have been a sweep. If we win, but McConnell remains Senate Majority Leader, he will block election reform. He will block Biden’s every attempt to repair what Trump broke.

5 thoughts on “Count Every Ballot!

  1. If you were to read our ‘Letters to the Editor’ on any given day, the people here in the FL Panhandle are so over Matt Gaetz. So why in the heck was he just elected for his third term?! I’m still in a knot about this whole thing.

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  2. I’ve had no consciousness of this ~ until I read about it here. You have removed my blinders. Thank you, madam! Perhaps the U.S. postal worker’s union can get Trump’s chubby toy bubby Dejoy to pay some dues… All I can come up with for Harris County is to suggest a volunteer school busing program… My thoughts ~ obviously numb & limited…

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    1. Thank you! I’m happy to share the information. Mainstream media is focussed on the vote count, which is important, but the ballots DeJoy is withholding could change the balance of power in Congress. One more Senate win for Democrats would render McConnell impotent. If Republicans retain the Senate majority McConnell will stand in the way Biden’s progress.


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