Trump Tests Positive?

Call me a cynic if it makes you happy, but I’m not biting.

A word from the horse’s ass:

Mmm… really? Does Trump actually have COVID? Are we supposed to believe he didn’t cheat on this test?

What’s the saying? Desperate sociopaths take desperate measures. Something like that.

This guy who paid someone to take his school exams, received a doctor’s note to avoid the draft five times, a guy built like Hitchcock whose most recent medical exams have him weighing in at an athletic 6’3″ 239 lbs, he denies having had a stroke despite a late-night jaunt to Walter Reed followed by a visibly altered gait, a guy who has been caught cheating on his wives and his taxes, has uttered over 20,000 confirmed lies, is making a new claim. How can we accept his word now? The aforementioned liar claims to have tested positive for COVID19, and despite his age and girth, two high-risk factors, we are also to believe he is asymptomatic or has minor symptoms. Trump has never been caught telling the truth. He is the bunker boy who cried wolf.

The media is treating this story as fact. Have they confirmed anything with credible sources, seen any reports certified by a single trusted medical professional, like Dr. Fauci? Are there any independent reports or neutral witnesses confirming what Trump has told us about testing positive?

Also, why would he get tested? By his own reasoning, the only way to test positive is to be tested. No test no illness, right? [sarcasm]

What could Trump’s motivation be?

  • To avoid looking like a jackass in another debate?
  • To distract from his debate shout out to white supremacist group Proud Boys?
  • To set up a medical resignation in time for Pence to be sworn in and issue him a blanket pardon?
  • To save orange face by avoiding a loss of over 100 electoral votes?
  • To distract us from his tax evasion?
  • To give Eric the excuse of being quarantined in order to avoid his testimony scheduled for October 07?
  • To overshadow the audiotape that was released yesterday of Melanie using the F-bomb in the same sentence as the word Christmas?
  • To distract from retired General H.R. McMaster saying Trump is definitely colluding with Russia?
  • To divert from all the dirty tricks of GOP operatives, like Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, now facing 24 years in prison, charged with four felony counts of voter suppression against the State of Michigan?
  • Is he trying to detract from the news that Republican Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has been outed suppressing votes by removing all but one mail-in ballot dropbox per precinct?

  • Is this a ploy to garner sympathy?
  • Is this intended to make him a superhero when he emerges unscathed from the deadly virus despite his high-risk categories of geriatric girth hoarder? He has it but is asymptomatic? Really?
  • Will he use this time to seek asylum in some other country under authoritarian rule?
  • Will he ask for donations to help him overcome this setback?
  • The timing of Trump’s positive test is very interesting and solves a number of immediate problems for him. This will overshadow a lot of damaging press.

    ‪Isn’t it convenient that the Vice President and “Mother” tested negative? Again, is this a staged opportunity for Trump to step down from a race he realizes he can’t win in time to receive a blanket pardon from Pence? ‬

    Trump mocked Biden for wearing a mask at the debate on Tuesday. If is turns out that he does have Covid, will I be sorry I doubted him?

    Stand by…

    22 thoughts on “Trump Tests Positive?

    1. So, he got COVID from Hope Hicks? A little bit of news that the WH wanted to be kept out of the news. He’s old and obese. We’ll see how this plays out. Chaos? Oh, yeah. Whatever we can do to distract everyone…..

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    2. It does look staged. All the reasons you list look reasonable…I might add a couple of other possible motivators. One being that the Republicans can’t endorse him for fear of losing their seats and no one is supposed to notice the resounding post debate silence. The second being that it is a way to get him sympathetic attention. A few times recently he has mentioned people not liking him. Hope Hicks probably came up with the idea. In the first tell all book that came out, I don’t even remember its name or who wrote it, she was very cozy with the Toddler and gifted at soothing his temper tantrums. I think the author called her “the Trump whisperer”.
      Even if he is sick, let us all remember:
      1) Most people just get a mild cold…
      2) They are way better at treating it than they were and the death rate is lower…
      3) Last, but not least, Trump, unlike most Americans, has some of the best medical care in the world.
      Let’s try not to let the press run with this diversion. Click on as many stories as you can find about the other topics. Give as much attention as you can to Biden. The press is ratings driven, so is the dumpster fire in DC, so win-win if we can get his ratings down.

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    3. I said the same thing yesterday. Too convenient, too contrived, too much a liar. My guess was first his horrible “show” at the debate, and then he returns from the hospital and says, see, I told you all it was just like the flu. They interrupted the TV to say he was being taken to the hospital because he has a slight fever. Still not wearing a mask.

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        1. He believes that regardless of whether it’s an act or not, Trump will lie and that we shouldn’t not expect anything else. We shouldn’t let our guards down.

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