“Unintended Consequences,” but Targeted

Central casting couldn’t have found a group of more villainous clichés than Trump’s cabinet appointees. This is not breaking news, but I mention it because this pattern of behavior by Orange Foolius shows an intent to harm the US in any capacity available to him. His cabinet appointees are friends and donors whose financial interests in seeing each office destroyed is evidence of he who shall remain brainless’ motives.

Stupid-Nixon’s current EPA- Deputy Administrator, Andrew Wheeler, is a former coal industry lobbyist. Steve Mnuchin, an investment banker was cast as the Treasury Secretary and he deregulated banks so there are no limits to the personal wealth he can accrue while in office. The truly evil anti-learning, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVille Devos, whose pro-campus rapist policy just went into effect, is a woman who has an adoption agency that gives away babies taken from their parents at the border. I could go on, but I’ll just skip to Chief Covfefe’s most recent office defiler because I’m only upsetting myself.

“Postmaster General Louis DeJoy acknowledged in an internal memo to staff that his sweeping operational changes have brought ‘unintended consequences’ to the U.S. Postal Service.” ~NBC News

If there is one thing that raises my hackles, higher than any angry fowl, it is when people in power, (usually men AKA “the man,”) insult my intelligence, and by claiming his destruction of our mail service is unintended, DeJoy is insulting our collective intelligence.

Captain Chaos’ latest appointee, Louis DeJoy, a billionaire Republican donor friend of our first autocratic ruler, who is financially invested in competitors of the USPS, was made Postmaster General in June. We knew this would not end well, because nothing has ended well since January 8, 2017?

DeJoy has decided to dismantle the post office. The timing of his overhaul of the postal service is suspicious, [understatement] three months before the presidential election of which half the registered voters are expected to vote by mail because of C-19. DeJoy started by firing 25 top postal executives, eliminating overtime, and allowing undelivered mail to pile up. He has moved on to taking 500 mail-sorting machines out of service, in highly populated districts (that have a history of voting blue,) in battleground states.

Now he is removing mailboxes.

He has removed all but one mail-in ballot dropbox, per county in Ohio.

This slow down is affecting people’s wellbeing as well as their prospects of voting, by delaying the delivery of prescription drugs and Social Security checks.

Not only did DeJoy intend for his harmful operational changes to bring mail service to a snail’s pace, but he targeted his attacks in key battleground districts in battleground states.

Aiming their attack at a crucial district or county in a heavily Democratic area, in a swing state, could be the difference that decides who gets that state’s electoral votes. Slowing the mail, or suppressing the vote in a few targeted counties, in a couple of swing states, could change the results of the election.

The United States Postal Service is an entity of the US Constitution and is protected from tampering by federal law, 18 U.S. Code § 1708. Someone (coughTrump) will eventually be held accountable for this attack and for attempting to sabotage the election.

Oh, and this week the angry creamsicle requested a mail-in ballot for himself.

Some of this is psychological warfare. IQ45 wants people to lose faith in the election process to the point that they don’t bother to vote. If they believe their mail-in ballots won’t be counted they are forced to decide whether to risk their health by standing in line to vote in person during a pandemic or not vote. There are people who will stay at home. He wants you to stay home.




Again, it only takes a few votes in a few key districts to change the outcome of a key state, and that’s how the electoral college can be manipulated to give the candidate with fewer popular votes a win.

Over 100 million people did not vote in 2016. Many people were manipulated into foregoing the election as a result of numerous Facebook accounts that were traced back to Russian operatives who posed as disgruntled Bernie supporters encouraging apathy.


Enough of that. Let’s play a game called where am I?

Q: I am eating a chocolate croissant as I stroll along L’Ile de la Cité.

A: Paris


Q: I am eating crusty sourdough bread and watching sea lions sunbathe on PIER 39.

A: San Francisco


Q: The sitting president alleges his opponent is ineligible to run against him. He takes active measures to suppress the vote and proclaims the election will be rigged. He says we may never know who won. Secret police are commissioned to attack peaceful protesters with batons, rubber bullets, tear gas, tasers, and randomly arrest people on the street without cause.

A: Bélarus— or the US

Incidentally, MIT conducted a study of voter fraud over the last 20 years, fraudulent ballots only accounted for .00006%.







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