DNC Night One, 2020

Good Tuesday Morning!

Who watched night one of the Democratic National Convention?

I watched it last night, and I’ll share my short list of notes. My first note was— “Eva Longoria?” I was going to voice my confusion at the presence of Eva Longoria as a host of the Democratic National Convention, she did a good job, I just found her a strange choice.

Then I saw Marco Rubio’s tweet about Democrats’ use of “actors and celebrities,” and I recollected four years ago when my brain short-circuited as I watched Clint Eastwood talk to a chair at the RNC.

There are other random “actors and celebrities” who have taken part in Trump events: Scott Baio, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent, to name a few. There are only a few who ever supported Trump and fewer who support him now.

I remembered too that Trump himself is an unrelatable celebrity, a chronic failure in business who worships a golden toilet (that he no doubt has to flush ten or fifteen times because of some conspiracy.) He is a man who acts like he knows what is going on around him. He knows nothing.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama’s words from last night, you can’t fake your way through the job of president, but Trump is nothing if not a faker.

If you missed Michelle’s speech last night, you can catch a replay next week when Melania speaks at the Republican convention.

The above link is the original for future comparison.

A highlight for me last night was New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo…sigh.

I am trying to remain faithful to Colin Firth, and Justin Trudeau, but between you and me, I’m starting to have feelings for the guvnuh. I’m only human.

A daughter of MAGA victim who succumbed to COVID spoke for less than three minutes and did not waste a second:

“My dad was a healthy 65-year-old. His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that, he paid with his life.” ~Kristin Urquiza

Bernie did all he could possibly do to convey the urgency of this election and to urge his loyal base of supporters to show up and vote. They sure taught us a lesson by staying home in 2016.

The three Republicans pictured as well as Republican CEO Meg Whitman spoke on behalf of Republicans who will vote for Biden. Their aim was to make the public understand that this is no longer a partisan issue. We are on the brink of losing our democracy to authoritarianism.

This link for those who would like to watch the first night in its entirety. The opening was beautiful.

That winds up my recap of night one of four. I do plan to watch again tonight and, if I have any, I’ll share my thoughts tomorrow. I understand Ms. Longoria has completed her assignment. There are different hosts scheduled for each night.

I’ll leave you with a reminder of who is on the other half of the democratic ticket.

Randy Rainbow’s latest parody is worth watching at least once.

6 thoughts on “DNC Night One, 2020

  1. I watched. A first for me, so I can’t speak to how it compares. Loved Michelle Obama’s speech, the reason I broke with tradition was to hear her…And to help ratings. I won’t watch next week. DT will be sensitive to that sort of metric.

    I have been confused by this morning’s news. I felt like Ms. Obama was very diplomatic and measured in her remarks about the Difficult Toddler and reports are saying that she tore into him.

    On one level I realize that it is like buckets of turd… I mean Republicans…Saying that Ms. Harris was mean to Brett Kavanaugh by calmly, yet repeatedly, asking him to answer a yes or no question, while condoning Mr. Jordan for tearing into Dr. Fauci for his consistent remarks describing situations that promote the spread of the corona virus.

    Still it ticks me off.

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    1. If anyone tore into Dollhands it was the daughter of the deceased COVID patient who was a trump supporter, and she was still too kind.
      Republicans are very fragile children. They scream and throw tantrums during congressional hearings, but they can’t listen to facts delivered calmly. Michelle did not tear into Trump. If anyone makes him look bad it is he himself.
      Next week the RNC will be competing for viewers with the House questioning Postmaster General DeJoy. They won’t be happening at the same time, but I personally can only handle so much in one day, and I’ll be watching DeJoy try to explain tampering with the mail – a federal offense. He deserves to be locked up immediately.

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      1. I wish there was a way to do something like the Tulsa Rally to the RNC. Low viewership seems to really sting. Wish I was more social media savvy.
        Regarding DeJoy (a very poor name for that guy): Seems like an open and shut case.
        I know the leaders are weighing their options carefully, but it really does look like they could just have a squad car ready and take the guy straight to jail after testimony.

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  2. Thank you, Lydia. I only wish the patriotic Republicans and Democrats were fighting for DEMOCRACY (not capitalism = the rich get richer, the poor get poorer)

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