Impeach Me

Gaslighting is a common tactic in which a person or entity, to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works. Who gaslights? Abusers, dictators, narcissists, cult leaders, the current US Republican Party— and their supreme leader DT.

Become enraged and call for Nancy Pelosi to be removed as Speaker of the House; that was GOP response to the treasonous phone transcripts, in which DT tells new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden, if they want the hundreds of millions of dollars in financial aid they were promised.

Lindsey Graham suffers the vapors over the ”ridiculous” notion that Trumpelthinskin is being impeached “over a phone call!”

Matt Gaetz is an idiot.

Senator John Kennedy (he’s no John Kennedy) said something, but I only heard banjo music.

Shortly after the release of the transcript, Senator Kevin McCarthy (who was caught on tape in a 2016 conversation with Paul Ryan, saying: “There’s… there are two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump… [laughter]… swear to God.”) told reporters that he hadn’t read it, but contended that it was the Ukraine president who brought up the Bidens first. The transcript shows it was POTUS45 who brought up Biden.

McCarthy’s game mirrors how the GOP played the Mueller report. No one would admit to having read it, but they all ”knew” it exonerated DT.

This is the transcript of DT’s call with Zelensky, which the White House released— or is it? It turns out this was a cut and paste version of the actual phone call.

A few new facts have come to light in the last 24 hours. Just like the Barr version of the Mueller report, we found out that what was released to Congress and the public, and passed off as a transcript, of 45’s extortion for election interference call, was compiled by Barr.

Barr and Trump’s attorney, Rudi Giuliani (who “does not speak for the White House”) are implicated in this transcript, so don’t you wonder— if this was the least damaging part of the call, what are they hiding?

Another revelation is that this isn’t about one phone call. This is a pattern of mob boss behavior toward Ukraine and other countries.

Clearly, Ukraine was already in DT’s employ. Facebook just shut down a propaganda page called “I Love America.” The page had over 1.1 million followers and liked to use phrases like “our country,” and “our military,” “God Bless” the Trumps. Did Facebook shut them down because they’re unfair to conservatives? No. The page was coming from Ukraine. It mirrors tactics that culminated with the 2016 election.

We also learned that the whistleblower had not been involved in monitoring the call, but became concerned when the White House began moving records of Trump’s communications with foreign officials onto a separate computer network.

In the report, the whistleblower offers multiple White House sources, who were witness to the call, who could corroborate the allegations.

Let’s review:

  • A whistleblower filed an urgent and credible complaint with the Director of National Intelligence.
  • The Director of National Intelligence turned the report over to the two people implicated by it.
  • The White House held the report for eight days, rather than turn it over to congress.
  • Bill Barr chose what to make public.

Does anyone else think Bill Barr works exclusively for Trump, but bills taxpayers under the guise that he’s the Attorney General?

Barr was likely hoping interest in the Ukraine phone call story would fizzle out. He was hoping to repeat what worked with the Mueller report, burying the truth until the easily distracted public is— distracted. He has no qualms breaking the law, having gotten away with perjury and obstruction of justice many times. Barr is revealed in the transcript to be part of the conspiracy to strong-arm a foreign government to interfere with the upcoming presidential election. Barr is unabashedly corrupt.

Moscow Mitch McConnell warns Democrats that this impeachment stops with the Senate. Everyone assumes the vote for impeachment will run across party lines. That might not be the case.

“One Republican senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump” ~Mike Murphy, Fmr. A senior adviser to Mitt Romney and John McCain


Read the full, redacted Trump whistleblower complaint – PBS NewsHour

‘One Republican senator told me if it was a secret vote, 30 Republican senators would vote to impeach Trump’

The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. It’s a Massive Plot.

Facebook removes Trump propaganda page after it was revealedq it was in fact run from Ukraine

Lindsey Graham launches into hysterics over Ukraine: ‘To impeach any president over a phone call is insane’ | Raw Story

7 thoughts on “Impeach Me

      1. The current Senate has 51 Republicans and 47 Democrats, 2 Independents. They need a super-majority to impeach, which is 67. If 30 claim they’ll vote for impeachment, that’s a safe margin of error.


      2. I still think the first secret vote should be to remove Moscow Mitch. Then actually begin to function and beef up election security. I’m also concerned about Pence. Who never seems to be mentioned, but must be in this corruption up to his eyeballs.

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