Trump’s Fall

“When you strike at a king, you must kill him.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s loyalty was questioned when she refused to advocate impeachment after the release of the Mueller report. She waited until she had the numbers to support the charge.

September 24, 2019, Pelosi finally announced a formal impeachment inquiry. By 8:55 pm, eastern time, 200 House members had thrown their support behind an official impeachment inquiry. By 10 am this morning, September 25, the number of House members in support of impeachment has reached 211; 218 votes are needed to impeach Impotus in the House.

McConnell: ‘I was not given an explanation’ for Ukraine aid delay

Taking a step back, Moscow Mitch seemed to be in panic mode, denying knowledge of DT’s attempted extortion of Ukraine, by way of withholding aid.

‘I was not given an explanation’ for Ukraine aid delay~ Moscow Mitch

The Senate unanimously agreed to Schumer’s resolution calling for the whistleblower complaint to be turned over the intelligence committees immediately. When is the last time the senate agreed on anything *unanimously*? Was Mitch on board?

What happened to Moscow Mitch?

Senate GOP vows to quash impeachment if it passes in the House – The Hill

Ah, this is the Mitch we know and hate, I was worried about him. McConnell has vowed to kill impeachment in the Senate if it passes in the House. (It will.)

In a mob boss move, DT called Pelosi to ask “if they could work something out on this whole whistleblower thing.” She declines the offer.

September 25, 2019, the transcript has been released, and Bill Barr is in troooouuuuble—

It shows Trump urged Ukraine to work with Attorney General Bill Barr and Rudi Giuliani to get dirt on his political opponents.

The transcript displays DT’s lack of concern for the US. He disparages government officials and wants only to protect himself.

Trump Told Ukraine’s Leader to Work With Barr to Investigate Biden – The New York Times

Don’t call the movers yet, Mike Pounce. Your future address is, however, to be determined, but will not be 1600 West Pennsylvania Avenue. Pence was fully aware of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. He is most likely going down. With the ship.

Transcript Reveals Pence Knew About And Participated In Trump’s Apparent Ukraine Extortion Plot · DC Tribune

How long do impeachment hearings last?

Impeachment is a relatively quick process when compared to any other government process.

  • Andrew Johnson: 3 months
  • Bill Clinton: 4 months
  • Nixon: 9 months, but he resigned before impeachment

We aren’t at that point yet. Speaker (President) Pelosi has called for a ”formal impeachment inquiry.” There are typically two votes held before impeachment begins. I believe Pelosi can time the process as she sees fit.

In the meantime, DT has scheduled a meeting today with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and plans to hold a press conference this afternoon.

Fall has a new meaning this year; this is the autumn of 45’s fall. As good as yesterday was, I’m not popping my cork yet.

Impeachment aside, we have to flip the Senate in 2020.

To end on a positive note

How Long Does Impeachment Take? When Do Proceedings Begin?

Facebook removes Trump propaganda page after it was revealed it was in fact run from Ukraine