Pre-Holiday Week in Review… a poem

We’ve survived another lawless Trump week

Typical turmoil, each day more at stake

Trump’s Charitable Foundation facade…

Shut down, he kept the cash, committing fraud


Acting Attorney General, Whittaker

Ignored requests to recuse, insofar

As that was likely the deal he procured

From Trump for the job to be secured


Judge Sullivan to Mr “I didn’t know”

Mike Flynn’s plea deal was tossed out the window

He “wasn’t told it’s illegal to lie”

To prosecutors, re: being a spy


Trump attempts to blackmail congress with threats

Of shutting down the entire government

If they don’t agree to pay for his wall

Says calling it “steel slats” rebrand, install


Add to that the financial market fall

North Korea’s nukes, they’re keeping them all

An angry Lindsey Graham has now stated

Each time Trump tweets he’ll fiercely debate it


Trump claims ISIS was defeated, he’s wrong

He pleased Putin when our troops were withdrawn

Against advise they’ll depart Syria

Causing Congressional hysteria


Prompting Vladimir Putin’s elation

General Mattis resignation

In the form of an ominous letter

Alarmed? – Time to have Trump’s ankles fettered


Displaying loyalty by his actions

Trump threw out Russian Oligarch’s sanctions

Let’s not forget his treasonous attacks

On democracy, time to take it back

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