Brett Kavanaugh is Above the Law… a poem

“The allegations contained in the complaints are serious, but the Judicial Council is obligated to adhere to the [Judicial Conduct and Disability] Act,” ~10th Circuit panel

Definition of bullshit:

A Judge, case in point Brett Kavanaugh,

Lies, it was televised, we all saw

He made partisan misstatements during

His Supreme Court confirmation hearings

HE clearly LIED, at his job interview,

As a result was formally accused

83 justified complaints in all

Such as: he lacks temperament judicial

He disrespected, (do you remember?)

Judiciary Committee members

His tantrums: crying, yelling, on display

Misogynistic anger was portrayed

Federal judges consider the complaints

Serious”, but due to legal restraints

Must dismiss each one of the 83

Because, unbelievable irony,

His lies were successful in landing him

A SCOTUS position for a lifetime

And those appointments on the Supreme Court.

Are above the law. That is my report

“Supreme Court Justices are not bound by the same code of conduct that dictates the process for pursuing complaints against other judges.”

Impeach Him:

Supreme Court justices can be impeached

Since “civil officers” aren’t out of reach

The U.S. Constitution does indicate 

It’s been done once before, here is the date:

SCOTUS Samuel Chase was impeached in 1804 by the House of Representatives. Despite the fact that he was acquitted in the Senate the following year, the case proves it is possible to impeach a SCOTUS.

Where’s the justice against Judge RapeyK

The blackout drunk frat boy, who got his way

This political frat boy free for all

Must end now… let him keep his alcohol

All 83 ethics complaints against Brett Kavanaugh dismissed

Complaints against Brett Kavanaugh dismissed by federal judicial council

All 83 Of The Ethics Complaints Against Justice Brett Kavanaugh Were Dismissed Because He’s On The Supreme Court Now

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