Crazy Town USA… now a limerick 🤪

This afternoon’s news bears some mention. 

Results of the midterm election… 

Preponderant win 

Now democrats in 

House majority, with contention  


Trump lost his sh!t and fired Jeff Sessions

Told to tender his resignation… 


Just as easily

Hired Whitaker for his narration 




Mark Whitaker is a wannabe 

Politician for the GOP.

Claims Don Jr.’s meeting 

For Russian cheating 

Punishable… he says it shouldn’t be.


Trump’s finances, says Whitaker,

Including the cash laundered from Rusherrr.

Not in Mueller’s scope,

And it’s Trump’s hope

He’ll fire or just blindfold Bob Mueller.


Rosenstein’s out immediately. 

Mueller mute by new authority?

What next? Should be fun:

Trump klan on the run.

This is obstruction, obviously.

Dems plan to bring in Mueller for televised hearings if Trump fires him: report

Trump has expanded his fascism,

Now authoritarianism.

Should we be afraid

Of a Trump tirade?  

Rosenstein left with optimism


He was upbeat… not worried at all.

Mueller and NY state have the ball.

If he’s fired or not,

Trump hasn’t a shot.

How many others will also fall?

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