51% Did Not Vote… again

2018, November 8.

I just read the following statistic regarding The midterm election this week: 51% of America’s registered voters did not vote… again. 

The US voting system needs to be cleaned up. Automatic voter registration with every new drivers licence or state ID is done in some states, why not all?

We not only need to remove rigged touchscreen machines, we need to recuse people who are running IN elections from running the elections (GA Kemp)… that should be obvious! And we still need to end gerrymandering.


Kemp needs to be prosecuted for disenfranchising so many who tried to vote.

But, beyond all that, the biggest threat to our democracy is apathy.

Voting NEEDS TO BE MANDATORY as it is in other countries (like Australia).

The pococurante should be fined and that money used for the greater good.

Those who stayed home after being begged to vote, repeatedly, deserve the same future Trump’s base deserves, the future their willful ignorance has set them up for: no healthcare or retirement, working full time for a tax exempt corporate giant without earning the requisite income to buy food or pay rent, guns in every pocket, blatant racism and sexism, education only for the rich, toxic drinking water, extreme weather replete with stronger hurricanes, floods, etc., and Vladimir Putin running our country from Russia.

The rest of us deserve better.

And for those of you who think 1 vote doesn’t matter, this Republican gun advocate in Illinois House 51st District Race won by 1 vote… ONE VOTE.

Illinois House 51st District Race Separated by 1 Vote

You say there is no election fraud, despite the countless reports? Watch the video below.


The scope of cheating by the GOP ranged from suppression, “lost” ballots, machines without plugs, machines with”glitches” that changed votes only from blue to red, so many broken voting machines (only in democratic districts) that some districts were left with only 3 that were operable, for thousands to use, forcing people (including the elderly and disabled) to decide whether to stand in lines for up to 4 hours, or go home without exercising their constitutional right to vote. All that cheating gave Republicans a 10 point advantage.

Democrats may have won back the house, but we could have won more.

We needed every vote.

The American people are supposed to decide who wins, not republican politicians.



Wonder why Texas went blue, except for Beto?

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