Don’t be Fooled by Political Ads… a poem

B68E7118-C079-45A1-982E-966EB54C2B5DDuring his Indiana rally last night, Trump stated:

You should thank him— Obama care has been “decimated”.

Meanwhile every GOP candidate’s re-election 

Campaign displays a problem with someones recollection. 

Most members of Congress voted to take healthcare away,

They are lying to voters, counting on nativity? 

Mailed and TV political ads would have you believe 

None voted against healthcare- a lesson must be achieved:

Ignore the pamphlets, door knockers, signs, all the commercials

Take time on your laptop or phone… research their credentials

An easy two minute search will separate truth from lies;

This may be the most important election of our lives.

Below is a link on Congress voting records… you’ll see

Who wants to end healthcare, with it U.S. democracy

How members of Congress voted on health reform


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