Why Vote Blue? A Few Rhyming Reasons for You:

Trump/Russia is true 

Kleptocracy too

Voter suppression

Nazi aggression

Making racists afraid

Medicare, Medicaid

Social Security

Net Neutrality

Conditions Preexisting

Arctic/offshore drilling

Press— First Amendment 

Immigrant treatment 

Babies in cages

Minimum wages

White Nationalists

Plea dealt strategists

Assault victims voice

My body my choice

Rapey Kavanaugh

Medical Marijuana

MeToo, Dod Frank 

Deregulation of banks

Billionaire Tax Scam

Equality, trans ban

The Paris Accord

Planned Parenthood

Trade Wars, Iran deal

Regulations repealed 

Divisive sentiments 

Breached Emoluments

White suprematist  

Fear mongering fascist


I CAN vote, watch me

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