Chuck Grassley is an Ass

Brett Kavanaugh, if you aren’t aware, is about to be elected, by the Senate, to the Supreme Court of the United States. This is bad for many reasons, many of which I’ve written about throughout the week.

The big reason, in my opinion, is that he was chosen for the position by Donald Trump. Trump chose Kavanaugh because the judge believes a president can do what ever he wants to do, without consequences, and without the nuisance of an investigation into his ties to Russia.

If you’d like to read more about why Kavanaugh should not be confirmed, feel free to backtrack through my posts.

*This is new:

The newest revelation is with regards to a woman Brett Kavanaugh went to high school with. She wrote a letter detailing an allegation of sexual misconduct against him. She was 15 and he was 17 at the time of the incident.

The letter wound up in the hands of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who passed the information on to the FBI.

This resulted in a postponement of the Senate’s vote until next week.


According to the Washington Post: The FBI does not plan to launch a criminal investigation of Kavanaugh regarding these new allegations, instead the bureau passed the information on to the White House as an update to Kavanaugh’s background check… of course they did. 🙄

So, Kavanaugh 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

finds his support is wavering a tiny bit, among a few members of the GOP.

Butt, Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa)👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼,

the GOP chairman of the senate confirmation hearings, who bulldozed through the hearings without releasing 93% of Kavanaugh’s records… because “there wasn’t enough time”, had a swift response to the letter.

He penned a letter of his own. Then he obtained the signatures of 65 women who knew Kavanaugh in high school. The letter states Kavanaugh “has behaved honorably and treated women with respect”.

Chuck Grassley had the time to do this overnight, but he still couldn’t find the time to release 93% of Kavanaugh’s records.

Chuckie wants us to believe, that because 65 women were not sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh in high school, he could not possibly have harmed the one who came forward. This argument is the equivalent of: Ted Bundy (serial killer) met thousands of women in his lifetime whom he did not kill, so he could not possibly have ever killed anyone.

Brett Kavanaugh Held A Woman Down While Forcing Himself On Her According To New Allegations

These men, Kavanaugh and Grassley, not only want to end the Mueller investigation, but they hope to set women’s rights back decades.

Please contact any or all senators whose emails are listed below. This link will also allow you to see each senator’s position on this matter.

SCOTUS Senators Tracker

Unfortunately, for everyone who does not fall into the “old republican white man” demographic, Chuck Grassley was re-elected in 2016. We have him for 4 more years.

The upside is, we can make his remaining time in the senate miserable by surrounding him with women and a racially diverse group of senators.

I know this is overkill, but:

Please urge people to vote. This is, without question, the single most important primary election this country has had. Every vote matters.

Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov

4 thoughts on “Chuck Grassley is an Ass

  1. Wish there was a rule that geriatric senators can only appoint judges with ages greater than or equal to their own. Our next generation shouldn’t be strapped with racist, misogynist, lying rapists making major decisions about their lives.

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