No Muting Trump… a poem

Donald J Trump last held a press conference
On 2/16/17, but how many since?
‘Twas not only his first, but his last that day
Out of sight and mind, I prefer it that way
Trump does not give news conferences because
He doesn’t want questions, he prefers applause
When his ego needs stroking his rallies will do
They serve to mock foes and attack the press too
I really don’t care, do you? Those pugnacious lies
His rants to paid posers positioned for size
This traitor desperately needs our attention.
Manipulate masses… his intention
A propagandist needs tools to assist him
So… FEMA’s Emergency Alert System.
Nefarious… this access he feels he needs
No blocking treasonous Trump’s insane misdeeds


FEMA to test ‘Presidential Alert’ system next week

“The test is supposed to take place at 2:18 p.m. EDT on Sept. 20. Under the Warning, Alert, and Response Network (WARN) Act of 2006, cellphone users cannot opt out of the presidential alerts.” ~NBC News

It will read: “Pressidential Alert” misspelled
“No collusion, rigged whitch hunt”— all truth withheld
Propagandist traitor using your cell phone,
As his tool. Where’s Mueller, it’s time to dethrone

4 thoughts on “No Muting Trump… a poem

    1. His dementia and his long bout of stupidity would make it hard for him handle the press. It’s easier to have Sarah Sanders lie for him. Honestly, I don’t know what is going on, but I’m sure he takes his orders from Putin.

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