Work Smarter, Not Harder… for Trump

As I drove home from the airport yesterday, after having seen my middle child off for her junior year at college, my mind reviewed her childhood and my failed attempts to be the ultimate super mom. I know my mistake was working hard, rather than working smart.

My father was an immigrant, from Greece, and my parents worked hard, long hours. I was what was once called “a latchkey kid”— at home without adult supervision, for most of the day, while my parents worked. These days social services would rather call it neglect.

When I had my own children I wanted to be a stay at home mom, like my neighbors, but I also wanted my children to have everything my neighbors children had. What does Mick Jagger sing about that? “I want to see it painted black”— no, “You can’t always get what you want”— that’s it.

You do what you know, and I became an adult of an ilk similar to that of my parents.

I worked hard, essentially two full time jobs.

What I wanted, to parent well, was in direct conflict with my financial situation, as a single parent, and what I had to do was work a lot.

I found a compromise. Unlike my parents I worked the graveyard shift. I seemed odd to the world of sleeping parents: eyes rolling to the back of my head as I’d jerk, catching myself from falling backwards off the bleachers during little league baseball games… hearing whispers: “what’s wrong with your mom?” I was tired, okay?

Three words on sleep deprivation from one with first hand experience: Sleep at night. A few more words on sleep deprivation: To avoid sleep is unhealthy, mentally and physically. Driving while sleep deprived (or while asleep), is no better than driving drunk. Additionally, we all know we shouldn’t make major life decisions after having consumed a vast quantity of alcohol, likewise we should not do so when severely sleep deprived. Like an alcoholic who is always drunk, a 3rd shift workaholic is always punch drunk.

Work smarter not harder.

So yesterday, on this drive home from the airport, I thought… I might have worked less and perhaps let go of things, like gymnastics and karate, sooner than I did.

We could have spared the viola and cello… dance— I did that for me, I should have just signed myself up for ballet.

I freely admit I did a lot of things wrong, but I’ll blame sleep deprivation.

Lessons are great. The daughter I saw off, and her siblings, did benefit from some of the too many lessons, but it was too much. I had OCD- obsessive classes disorder.

While sleep deprived, I’d drive them from preschool, to ballet, to gymnastics, to karate, to swimming (all 3 swam competitively), to baseball, soccer, football, art- drawing, painting, sculpting, music: guitar (electric and acoustic), violin, alto sax, viola, cello, piano, recorder, ukulele, harmonica, tambourine, voice…

What else? It doesn’t matter because they don’t remember half of it. After having worked all night, I spent endless hours driving my three children from lesson to lesson. I spent a fortune I didn’t have on lessons they don’t remember.

What kind of a libtard does that? This kind.

I could rationalize it, like I did at the time: I wanted them to find their niche, test out everything life had to offer. That kind of worked.

The spawn I saw off yesterday has applied music, my oldest has embraced swimming and art, my youngest however, the only boy, says I ruined his childhood by making him swim. In my defense, I let him quit everything else almost immediately. He was #3 and I was worn down. I selfishly dug in my heels with swimming, dragging all 3 children to the YMCA 4 afternoons a week so I could use the gym while they swam. I’m not so horrible, I did let him quit swimming by middle school. Still, he is an amazing swimmer and I’m confident someday he’ll thank me for it.

This blog, once very interestingly about me, has become primarily political since my hate for Donald J(ackass) Trump has eclipsed my need to wax eloquent… about me. As such, I must now take a political turn.

Recent reports say: ‘The Trump Campaign’, the ‘Republican National Committee’, and the ‘America First PAC’, have been paying people for their silence. Paying them a lot.

On payroll, receiving $15k monthly:

  • Former director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller,
  • Former personal assistant to the president John McEntee,
  • Former digital media director of the Trump campaign Brad Parscale,
  • Former director of advertising for the Trump campaign Gary Coby

Again, those former Trump Aides, listed above, receive monthly salaries of $15,000 for not talking.

Select Former Trump Aides Receive Monthly Salaries of $15,000, Reports Say

This has come to light since Omarosa, whom I would ignore under most circumstances, revealed she declined the same offer.

The official job descriptions of the aforementioned former employees are listed respectively as follows: “security services,” “payroll,” “digital management consulting,” and “media services consulting,” — as per Bloomberg…

But none of them do any of those things.

I would like to be paid not to do something as well. That would fulfill my lifelong goal of “working smarter, not harder.” So, here is my point, I would like to make an offer to Donald J(ackass) Trump— I am prepared to no longer write about you, if you pay me not to do so. (Sort of a double negative there.) 🤔🤭

I am ready to work smarter.

3 thoughts on “Work Smarter, Not Harder… for Trump

  1. Your kids were/are quite fortunate to have you as their mom. Heck, I had a spouse and my children didn’t get to do a fraction of the things yours did. That’s one of my regrets.


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