Like Hillary, Plato Warned Us

The more things change, the more they stay the same. ~Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr Nothing written today hasn’t been written before, and written more eloquently. Nothing is original, so what is my point? Bare with me, because by the end of this post I may have a point. Politics is a tangled web of self-serving duplicity … Continue reading Like Hillary, Plato Warned Us

Work Smarter, Not Harder… for Trump

As I drove home from the airport yesterday, after having seen my middle child off for her junior year at college, my mind reviewed her childhood and my failed attempts to be the ultimate super mom. I know my mistake was working hard, rather than working smart. My father was an immigrant, from Greece, and … Continue reading Work Smarter, Not Harder… for Trump

Why is Donald Trump a Jackass?

Thanks to modern forensic science, and an etch-a-sketch, I've been able to successfully trace my genetic roots back to the year 496 bc, almost proving a direct link in bloodlines, tracing me to Sophocles the Ancient Greek playwrite. This is arguable, and would likely not hold up in a court of law, however my dad … Continue reading Why is Donald Trump a Jackass?

From Hope to Hate and Back to Hope…however small

Regardless of my opinions and wishes, and regardless of the wishes of thousands of protestors across the nation, Donald Trump, a bigot with money and power is the 45th president elect of the United States of America. By now it is common knowledge that while Hillary Clinton exceeded Donald Trump in popular votes. The latest … Continue reading From Hope to Hate and Back to Hope…however small

Naked Farming / What Farmer’s Tan?

I have hit a plateau. My blog has become as stagnant as my social life, and it needs a kick in it's post-erior. This morning before I got up to let the dogs out, I spent a minute or two extensively researching more successful blogs. I realized ten things: Successful blogs always list ten things … Continue reading Naked Farming / What Farmer’s Tan?

Who Cares?

"Hippocleides doesn't care." ~ Herodotus I'm guessing you don't care either, but allow me to explain.  It started when a bunch of Greek guys were in competition to win the hand of some Greek girl whose father was a wealthy older Greek guy—they have a tendency to be controlling. By the end of the competition … Continue reading Who Cares?