Seven Traitors in U.S. History… Cantos

To be a treasonist one must believe

Themselves much smarter than others perceive

We only know of heretics who failed

Apostates caught who were finally curtailed

Throughout time there must been one or two

Turncoats who succeeded, schemers no one knew

This is a short list of failures, notable

U.S. traitors, some are even quotable.

“Let me die in this old uniform in which I fought my battles. May God forgive me for ever having put on another.”

General Benedict Arnold

During the Revolutionary war

A gallant hero destined for folklore

Won Ticonderoga, Brit’s garrison,

Scored Lake Champlain, hindering an invasion

He delivered British General Burgoyne

But still felt deprived of recognition

As such—

He offered the British West Point, the plot failed

Once discovered the famed deserter hightailed

Escaping over British battle lines,

The year was 1779

As traitors go it is no mystery

He’s the most second most famous in U.S. history.


“Law is whatever is boldly asserted and plausibly maintained.”

Aaron Burr

Infamy lies with a dual that brought end

To life **spoiler alert** for Alexander Hamilton

Charged with murder, but he was never tried

Traitorous acts after Hamilton died:

Burr attempted to amass an army, predatory

To secure, the Louisiana Territory

For the Brits— Burr asked the help of a General, (beyond belief)

Of the U.S. Army: the Commander in Chief

Wilkinson warned PotUS Jefferson of the crime

Burr claimed innocence, didn’t do any time.

When the “Cipher Letter” penned by Burr, was published in a paper

(Said letter intended for Wilkinson, detailing the treasonous caper)

Burr fled from the colonies after a four year journey

Returned to live out his life as a New York attorney


“I realized that the only threat to my mission was a jammed copy machine.”

John Walker Jr.

It was the year 1967,

This Naval Officer became a felon

Went to the Soviet Embassy, D.C.,

With information for the KGB

17 years Walker sold Russia the means

To decode messages of nuclear submarines,

Gave the KGB intel of U.S. military

from 1971 to 1973,

John Walker Jr gave Moscow the likes

To warn North Vietnam of pending airstrikes

Sold nuclear launching procedures for

Missiles fired, in the event of a war.


“You might as well ask why a middle aged man with no criminal record might put a paper bag over his head and rob a bank. I acted out of personal desperation.”

Aldrich Ames

CIA veteran 31 years

Exposed over 100 of his peers

10 deaths resulted from his treason

He detailed his crimes, his wife was the reason

Her sentence allayed, this KGB mole

Will serve a life sentence, without parole


“What took you so long?”

Robert Hanssen

Hanssen’s espionage has been described by the DOJ:

“Possibly the worst intelligence disaster” to this day

As an FBI counterintelligence Agent,

He sold thousands of classified documents

To the KGB

Detailing strategies

To take place in the event of nuclear war

Developments in weapons tech, and more

Avoiding the death penalty, this mole too

Is serving 15 life sentences- no parole for you


“Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

President Richard Nixon

Arguably the most second most egregious

Modern day American traitor, who wanted allegiance

He, in order to win the presidency,

Negotiated with South Vietnam, secretly

Convincing them not to end the Vietnam war

Promising them, if elected, he’d give them more

30,000 dead American soldiers, the price paid

And millions of Vietnamese lives lost for Nixon’s crusade

Once a cheat, always a cheat— President Dick

Watergate: break ins, bugging and more dirty tricks

He resigned in disgrace, but his new V.P. Ford

Pardoned him, which caused a bit of discord


I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,”

Fauxtus Donald Trump

He conspired with Russia, cheated and stole

Making the White House America’s “shit hole”

He will be indicted and removed from his position

His cleptocratic regime, this crime boss politician,

Misogynistic racist, who wants an all white nation

And undermined healthcare, ended bank regulations

Isolated America from allies, takes endless golf vacations

Wants to sell the U.S. to friends by way of privatization

Destroying the environment for profit, cut taxes for the rich,

Russia is in the White House, Donald Trump is Putin’s bitch

He tortures immigrants and their children.

Trump, toxic buffoon, is this traitor list’s end

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