Shelly and Pauly in Vegas

Speaker Paul Ryan gives tax cuts to his donors,

Not those he represents, Wisconsin homeowners.

Constituents forgotten with unabashed guile,

This snake oil swindler with a blue eyed twinkling smile,


Feins concern for the poor with a well practiced pose.

Pushed a tax reform plan, of which 1% knows,

85% benefits only the rich.

In exchange, social service cut’s— that’s just a glitch.


Now there is news that Ryan took a trip last week,

To Las Vegas, Shelly Adelson he did seek,

For payment, but just, “wait until I’ve left the room,”

Fill in the check then. You’ll send it up I assume.


$30 mill snared from the Sands Corp CEO

Whose yearly tax cut is $650 million, so…

If tips vary from 15-20%,

You were stiffed Pauly, for Shelly money well spent.


You would think we don’t pay those in congress at all.

Six figures certainly doesn’t cut it for Paul.

It’s kind of sad really, his streak of bad luck,

What happens in Vegas came back with this shmuck.


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