Melania Makin Copies

FLotUS is to Plagiarism

As PotUS is to… what rhymes… racism

Ob(ama)sessed, these Trumps who cheat

She copies, while he repeals every feat


In 2016 she stole from Michelle

A speech from 08, it didn’t go well

In this White House, what’s one more liddle cheat?

I vant a platform, zees brochure is sweet


Milania, who knows why, decided now

Would be a perfect time to disavow

Cyber bullying, it’s her “new campaign”

The old one, last year’s, exactly the same


It appears, like the speech, which she plagiarized,

An Obama brochure, barely disguised

Almost a direct copy, but they swear

Melania wrote it… really? Let’s compare—




<a href=””>Flaunt</a&gt;

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