Three Reasons For Us, and Three For Trump

Need reasons to be happy? I have three.

1. I am not Donald Trump.

Each morning, revelations
Provide reasons to rejoice
I wake, with trepidation,
Then find clarity by choice
Check my mirrored reflection
Makeup free, flaws projected
Disported introspection
Trump’s face is not reflected

2. Rudy Giuliani is not my attorney.

Imagine Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’
If he were an attorney
Giuliani, his thought stream,
Such is this fustian journey

3. I did not wake up next to Donald Trump.

Sunshine ends my sweet repose
My bed mate is excited
Face on mine, I flee his nose
Just my pup, love requited

Three reasons Donald Trump can be thankful:

1. He does not comprehend that his persistence in being Donald Trump will not end… well.

Ignorance is bliss, they say
I’m an expert, I agree
Were he aware from day to day
We might be in World War 3

2. McDonalds

Fake News! The best people! Sad!
Chocolate cake! Two scoops! unfair!
History has never had
Potus with Propecia Hair

3. Umm… hmm… this can’t be real.

18 members of Congress
Suggest Trump, they have no shame,
For The Nobel Peace Prize—yes
Assume Mueller’s taking names


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4 thoughts on “Three Reasons For Us, and Three For Trump

  1. I am happy at the end of his game playing, I will have the integrity that I did not vote for him, stand up for his idiocy or any others that smell his butt. I will be on the side of integrity… certainly, that is not his.

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  2. That person in the WH and Nobel Peace Prize? Did they nominate him to get him embarrassed and humiliated by the world ? * rolling on the floor, laughing out loud …. but who knows? 6_6

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