Kanye Trump… a poem

Skimming through daily papers, to choose
a topic I might analyze,
most often I’m inspired by misuse
of the government and their lies.
This behavior, we’ve come to excuse,
through repetition it’s normalized.
As such, bigotry has been diffused,
excessive pigment plainly despised.
Historic atrocities disabused,
contemptible certainties revised,
a publicity whore interviewed—
“Slavery was a choice.”— he surmised.
Like his mentor, he is not confused,
for notice he would trivialize
Hitler’s extermination of Jews,
as evangelicals moralize
Trump’s treason, his affairs, both “fake news.”
Our Constitution’s idealized
by the NRA, who most abuse,
our rights to a world that’s civilized.
Regarding Trump, the world is bemused
he has kept his base, who fantasize
he’s in charge… Vlad Putin is amused,
all his plans have materialized.
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