Scott Pruitt… a limerick

Scott Pruitt of the EPA

Is in a rut of really bad days

Corrupt to the core

Abusing power and more

In the real world he’d be locked away


$50 to a lobbyist

For rent, this price point doesn’t exist

At all in DC

Most obviously

It was a bribe Pruitt couldn’t resist

Samantha Dravis was a consigned

Aid to Scott Pruitt, she just resigned,

By all accounts though

She was a no show

November to March, but paid in kind

She saw the world while on salary

From Morocco to gay Paris

She did have the time

And tax payer’s dime

Could she be Pruitt’s f***k buddy?

Scott is anti-environmental

For Earth, he’s not sentimental

He’s living the dream

By skimming the cream

Is this criminal, or governmental?


These men voice a line that’s the same

Healthcare and Medicare are to blame

The deficit made

Once tax cuts were paid

To “the best people,” the GOP by name


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