Trump… Better Left Unsaid

“I call upon all of us to set aside our differences,” Trump said in his first, and hopefully last, State of the Union speech

I noticed a few things were not said during his speech.

Trump did not mention Russia.

He didn’t mention reports that he allowed a black listed Top Russian spy to enter the US last week, just before he made his decision to defy law, and constitution, by not executing Russian sanctions.

Also not mentioned was a Daily Beast report regarding Devin Nunes refusal to answer when a colleague asked him if he had coordinated his surveillance memo with the White House.

Trump didn’t mention that.

He did not talk about why Nunes created the memo, so Trump could fire Rosenstein, so he could hire someone malleable who would be willing to fire Mueller.

He did not mention the Democrats rebuttal to the memo was silenced.

He didn’t mention ousting McCabe.

I’m not going to dispute Trump’s statements regarding…


2017: 2.25%

2014-16: 2.30%


2017: 171K per month

2013-2016 214K per month

the numbers do that.

Trump did mentioned his tax plan, but not the fact that the Koch brothers, who helped write it, also wrote Paul Ryan a check for $500,000 the day after the bill passed.

He didn’t mention the Koch brothers will save $1billion in taxes annually, or their plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda ads and news stories designed to convince the American people that tax cuts are beneficial to them, and not corporations and billionaires.

He didn’t mention the people who will suffer the loss of benefits to pay for the tax plan.

He didn’t mention deregulating banks so the fleecing of the middle class can pick up where it left off in 2008… or the financial collapse his policies are setting into motion.

Trump received favorable a response from a good number of those who watched his speech… what the numbers don’t mention is that this was viewership was historically low, and the majority of viewers were Trump supporters.

But, some things are better left unsaid.


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