Trumpspiracy, and More… A Limerick

The GOP’s story of a “secret society”

Among FBI agents failed in sobriety

The silhouette lacked

Its desired impact

Now the accusers are feeling anxiety


We have been enlightened as to why

There was such desperation to try

To discredit the feds

The Times story read

“Trump’s counsel McGahn wouldn’t comply”


Robert Mueller was to be fired

McGahn said he’d quit if so required

Trump said: “Never mind,

Mueller could be maligned.”

If he, the GOP, and Fox, conspired


When Trump is in trouble what does he do?

He cries “FAKE NEWS!” and he did today too

At the Davos, summit

This plan B did plummet

The response, long deserved, was a BOO!


In other news —


It seems the Dutch infiltrated

Russian hackers “Cozy Bear” and related

Real-time video

Lordy, tapes! Oh no!

Can’t we impeach before Dems have invaded?



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