Giddyup Donald

Once upon a time, (71 years ago to be exact), in a cozy little borough called Queens, in the land of opportunity, the city of New York, a real estate developer whose hobby was the local order of the KKK, celebrated the birth of a son.

He would raise this son in his own image, focusing on the the Christian moral code, but having had little understanding of the basic premise, the son, named Donald, was raised to emulate the seven deadly sins: envy, gluttony, greed , lust, pride, sloth, and wrath.

Somehow Donald managed to go far using these teachings. He cheated and lied, and hurt many people along the way, but he found himself on the throne of a great experiment called America.

It was also 71 years years ago a group, called Gallop, initiated an annual Poll, asking the question—

Who is the man you most admire in America?

The results for 2017 are in.



This is the 10th year President Barack Obama’s has held the title. Only former President Dwight Eisenhower (who won 12 times), has won Gallup’s most-admired title more often than President Barack Obama has.

On the other hand,

Donald Trump is not the first modern day U.S. president to come up short, he shares that dishonor with the likes of presidents:

  • Harry S.Truman (dropped the bomb)

  • Lyndon B Johnson (dispatched the first ground troops in Vietnam and mishandled Civil Rights)

  • Richard Nixon (resigned in shame)

  • Gerald Ford (pardoned Nixon)

  • Jimmy Carter (perceived as weak), and

  • George W Bush (started an oil war under false pretense)

However, in the poll’s 71-year history, Donald Trump is the first PotUS not to win the Gallop poll’s most admired man in his first year in office.

Gallup also asked—

Who is the woman you most admire in America?

The results for 2017 are in.


#1 HILLARY CLINTON, The First Woman to Win the Presidential Popular Vote,

Americans may redeem themselves in the eyes of the world yet.

I suppose that is something for the record books, and it is another sign that history won’t be kind to the orange fiend.

Poor little Donald. He was never taught to be happy for the success of others, only envy, gluttony, greed , lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. None of that will serve him well in coping with this news.


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