Trump’s Misogyny is Complete

Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump… just ask him. Imagine every emotionally abusive, racist, misogynistic grandpa, the who ruins every family holiday get together, all those qualities knit into one big ugly holiday sweater… but now, thanks to Russia, we all have to try to stomach his presence daily. I see Donald Trump.

It has taken Trump well over a year to concoct an excuse, but he finally has one. He now claims the “Access Hollywood” tape, the one in which he can be heard bragging about sexually assaulting women, was fake. Billy Bush, who was on the receiving end of Trump’s graphic monologue lost his career over it… for listening, but Trump has gone on to become the least popular president in history.

Trump’s denial is in tandem with his backing of Alabama Judge Roy Moore, a pedophile who was banned from a local mall and YMCA because his behavior toward teenaged girls, as young as fourteen, was so concerning.

Trump on Moore:

“He says it didn’t happen, and, you know, you have to listen to him also. You’re talking about, he said 40 years ago this did not happen.”

Okay, if he says so.

Trump’s assault on women goes beyond indiscriminate sexual predation. Now that he has the ability to affect the masses he has taken several swings at the entire gender.

Women in 2017 still only make an average of eighty cents for each dollar men make doing the same job, and Trump wants to keep it that way. He has put a freeze on an Obama era requirement that companies file data specifying employee income by race, ethnicity and gender, a law intended to protect women’s pay. This equal pay initiative had been launched by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Donald Trump has also moved to silence women on the subject of sexual harassment at work. He has reversed another Obama-era order requiring federal contractors disclose sexual harassment and discrimination cases. This law affects approximately 26 million employees, and forces workers to resolve any complaints through arbitration and out of the public eye.

Trump has revived and expanded on a 1984 gag rule which prohibits health clinics from discussing, referring, or advocating abortion. The government will no longer allocate federal assistance to organizations worldwide that provide abortions or offer counseling on them. Trump has expanded the abolished law, waiving aid to organizations that receive family-planning dollars unless they comply with said regulation. This direct assault on women’s reproductive rights will most impact the poor.

I am confident Donald Trump won’t survive Mueller’s investigation, but I wonder how long it will take to undo the damage.


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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Misogyny is Complete

  1. There is no doubt that the molester-In-chief is mentally unbalanced – you don’t need a degree in psychology to see that, it is so apparent. What is disturbing is the overwhelming number of other (professional) people who are also delusional. I have always known, intuitively, that our world is a mess but it’s jaw-dropping to see these people in front of TV cameras spouting their versions of ‘truth’ as if the rest of us are crazy.


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