Did Flynn Flip?

Widely reported, Thanksgiving morning— Mike Flynn’s lawyers will no longer share information with Donald Trump’s lawyers. These things happen.

It is common for attorneys to share information when their clients are under the same investigation, and advantageous when defending themselves against a prosecutor, such as special council Robert Mueller, who reveals little with regards to his investigation.

One side cutting off communication with the other side is significant. It is likely one of the parties has decided it would be in their best interest to offer evidence against the other party in exchange for a lighter sentence. In such a case sharing information would create a conflict of interest.

The implication is the parting of ways may have occurred because Flynn realizes Robert Mueller has an iron clad case against him, and perhaps it has become clear that Donald Trump can not pardon Flynn or his son.

It is possible Flynn’s crimes are of the non-pardonable variety. What has Flynn done? We know—

  • He failed to disclose foreign income from multiple Russian sources;
  • He failed to disclose foreign income from multiple Turkish sources;
  • He failed to disclose lobbying activity for the Turkish government;
  • He put an end to a military plan Turkey opposed after accepting payment from them;
  • He allegedly plotted the kidnapping of a Turkish dissident in Pennsylvania, which might have earned him and his son $15 million;
  • He perjured himself with regards to his discussion of sanctions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, prior to Trump’s swearing in.

Flynn is one of the biggest fish in Trump’s swamp. According to Norman Eisen, former ethics chief for the Obama administration, Mueller wouldn’t likely consider a deal unless it was in exchange for someone “up the ladder,” a bigger fish.

Who is a bigger fish than Flynn? In my humble opinion it is not likely to be village idiot Don Jr, and he has done a fine job of incriminating himself without Flynn’s assistance.

Eisen speculates the line has been cast for Jared Kushner, who he believes would also flip, offering the dirt on his father in law.

Whether Kushner or Junior, Flynn is not a fish easily thrown back. Mueller is not likely to offer Flynn a deal for himself, he may have agreed to a third party exchange— Flynn cooperating in attempt to bargain a lighter sentence for his son, Michael Jr., who worked as his assistant.

At the top rung of this treason ladder is the big orange blowfish named Donald J Trump. He is the trophy fish most speculators are betting will be mounted just after New Year. Who knows, as Mueller proved with his middle of the night no knock raid of Paul Manafort’s home, it could happen at any time.


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One thought on “Did Flynn Flip?

  1. All Flynn was interested in was getting moneyvany way he could and he deserves to be put away.

    Kushner really would be a big catch. He keeps a low profile but it’s strange how his name keeps on cropping up. The Donald will be reeled in eventually. Choosing not to disclose his tax returns showed his finances are murky and I think this will bring him down.

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