The Most Stupid Trump

Was yesterday’s top story—

None of the above. The top story yesterday was Donald Trump Junior’s stupidity, in every news outlet from the Washington Post, to CNN, to Seth Meyers, who basically proclaimed Eric Trump has been redeemed by his brothers stupidity.

Trump Junior’s tweets almost make me feel sorry for him, except that he’s such a spoiled brat that I don’t.

He told people to go out and vote one day after the most recent election.

He has tweeted copies of self incriminating emails, as if by announcing his treasonous behavior before the press does it will be less illegal— “If it’s what you say, I️ love it!” That was from his— let’s set up a meeting with Russians to conspire against Hillary Clinton— a few weeks ago.

The second stupidly self incriminating email he posted on twitter was proof of his connection to Wikileaks, which is tied to Russia.It looked as if Junior was secure in his position, until late last night, when he was forced to concede to daddy Trump.

With last night’s tweet junior had no choice but to pass the clown nose to his dad. Trump tweeted condolences, again offering his blessings to the victims of gun violence, but the needle on the turntable that is his brain stuck on Texas… that was 10 days ago, this latest mass shooting took place in California.

Yes, they “has arrived.” Hopefully, “FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived” in California, where the mass shooting was yesterday, and not in Texas, the location of the mass shooting ten days ago. >The definition of stupid—lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull, characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: pick a Trump

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