Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Approved by GOP Senate

We Americans are easily distracted by Trump’s three ring circus, myself included, and that is when the GOP takes the opportunity to strike. 

The GOP does not work for the American majority, they work for the extremely wealthy, and the corporate giants of America. 

This past week, while master illusionist Trump was tweeting about uranium, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were at work again. They work for a small faction of the population who in fact own the GOP. 

The GOP heavy Senate approved the tax bill on Friday voting along party lines— 

51 Republicans votes yes, 
49 Democrats votes no. 

The yeas have it. 

Billionaires win again. Who?

The Koch brothers own the GOP, the GOP control Congress, and this is their tax plan. 

Who are the Koch Brothers? Charles and David Koch own Koch Industries, the second-largest privately run business in America— among other things, the Koch brothers control 4000 miles of pipeline, they own oil refineries in Texas, Alaska, and Minnesota. The Koch brothers net worth increased by $12 billion last year bringing their total net worth to $80 billion…they don’t want to pay taxes, and they don’t want you to have health insurance.

Let’s not forget Trump’s benefactor Robert Mercer, he doesn’t like to pay taxes either, and he has an ongoing six billion dollar dispute with the IRS.

Republicans want to keep control of the House in 2018, so they’re offering up what they say is “tax cuts for everybody.” In reality, this tax cut is for corporate giants and billionaires, like the Koch brothers, and Robert Mercer, many of whom, with all the added loopholes, will end up paying no Federal taxes. 

Paul Ryan promises the middle class will see “significant tax cuts.” As we learned when we read Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan— Paul Ryan is a liar. This tax code is the counterpart to his healthcare plan. 

What we can expect with this tax plan— regardless of what Paul Ryan says, many middle class families will see an increase in their taxes, for example, standard deduction families take for each child will be capped. A family with three children will pay more. Small businesses will not benefit from the special deductions designed for the big guys either.

Remember the presidential debates when Clinton accused Trump of not paying taxes for the past twenty years? His response was “That makes me smart.” 

Trump has demonstrated, on a daily basis, he isn’t the smartest guy in any room he occupies…by any stretch of the imagination. He can’t string a simple sentence together that would get past a third grade teacher without red slashes and circles. He is in fact, like his oil friend Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says, a f*c*ing moron. (Not my words🤐.) You don’t have to be smart to hire an accountant who knows how to work a system set up to work in your favor.

Tax laws are already rigged for the wealthy and for corporate America, and this new GOP tax code adds 4 trillion dollars to the deficit and cuts funding to Medicare and Medicaid

“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to replace America’s failing tax codes,” ~Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell 

We are supposed to believe Mitch McConnell, the co-creator (along with Paul Ryan,) of the American Healtc Care Act? I don’t think so. 

This new tax plan adds 4 trillion to the deficit, and still cuts Medicare and Medicaid funding. How is that possible? It is possible because billionaires will receive a get out of taxes free card. 

With this rewritten GOP tax law, richest Americans pay lower tax rates than middle class families. 

“This nasty and backwards budget greenlights cuts to Medicare and Medicaid in order to give a tax break to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans,” ~ Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Trump promised to eliminate tax credits and deductions for large corporations who hide money in the Cayman Islands, and for “smart” billionaires to take deductions. 

This tax bill is choc-full-o loopholes for billionaires. It will help multinationals ship jobs overseas, and corporate giants will still be allowed to hide money in the Cayman Islands.

Meanwhile small businesses pay in full.

Again, this plan ADDS 4 TRILLION to the deficit, yet cuts funding for Medicare and Medicaid.

It is time to fight back…AGAIN.


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6 thoughts on “Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Approved by GOP Senate

  1. Trump is a rich white man living in a rich white man’s bubble. He finds poor people distasteful and he and his ex-model wife would prefer to have nothing to do with them. They are not ‘winners’ so not in Trumps radar.

    Less well -off back people, Hispanics, native Americans and whites need to show their disdain for rich white billionaires i.e. Trumps cabinet and cronies by voting for his opponents who want to improve the fortunes of those at the bottom end of society.

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  2. This is another in a long line of Twitter diversions. The media isn’t doing a good job of keeping truly important issues at the forefront. In part this is because news has become entertainment, and covering tweets raises ratings.

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    1. The press have absolutely dropped the ball. Reporting on the appropriateness of Melania’s shoes, and Trump’s NFL power struggle. Then we find out the Senate passed a tax bill we didn’t know was up for vote. It’s beyond frustrating.

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  3. I really do wonder…just how many people are truly frustrated and will exercise their right to vote (and change) things in the next election cycles if everyone was so surprised by Nov. 2016? We might be thinking (hoping) that people are now awake, afterthefact, and will step up to the plate the next time around…but I am not going to bet on it.

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  4. I really feel for you and yours from an outside view. Since he was (surprisingly) elected, I do read far more about US politics than I ever had before, maybe it’s because I’m older and more interested but I think it’s really because I’m so horrified that people actually voted him in. From an outside view, fuelled by the press reports, as it’s our only way to have information, it does seem that the USA now has a leader who is more concerned about his image than his country and cannot take any criticsm and reverts to childish spats, sadly ,so public. Sad, and I feel for you all. The important things in life, as you get older, are to be secure with your health and finances and to feel you have covered your children’s needs, but if your salaries dont match the demands and there is no support from your government, it makes for an insecure future. Trump is so very rude in his daily “work” and uses such crude language for a leader of state about those who wish to immigrate, maybe those who wish to emigrate will do so with great joy! I wish you well, it must be very hard to be working, living,surviving, bringing up a family in such political uncertanity…

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