Will the Mooch Pay Taxes—Like the Peasants Do

In an unheard of turn of events, one of the wealthiest Americans to conceive of a new form of self gratification, (although I once had a cat who did something similar), may have to pay taxes.

When the “Mooch” took on the roll of Trump town crier he was forced to sell his hedge fund valued at $80 million, due to conflict of interest laws. Yes, these are the same laws Donald Trump has managed to um…hedge. 

I have to admit I woke up in a bit of a fog the morning after the loss of Mooch. I wanted more time, but probably not for the same reason he did. While we all enjoyed a gloriously short honeymooch period but, like all cursed things, it had to end at some point. The problem for the little scrapper is that he did not last a single pay period, let alone the two pay periods as a White House employee that are required to allow him to avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale of his hedge fund.

Scaramucci is a rich little fu**er, and therefore in the 20% tax bracket. This would bring his tax bill, for the sale of his $80 million hedge fund, to $16 million…ba da bing. 

Considering all that was encompassed in the ten days of his employment: the end of his marriage, missing his son’s birth, the loss of his job, and now a tax bill of $16 million, I think we can all feel a little sad for the Mooch (or not). Perhaps he might consider asking Steve Bannon exactly how he might best console himself.

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