Scaramucci Said No Squealing

Scaramucci said no squealing

Now his anger’s really reeling

Someone snitched his subsidies

He told the Feds presumptively


He’ll fire leakers hidden from view 

Reince Priebus, his eyes are on you

Here’s a fun fact, did you know?

The latest actor in Trump’s shit show


Scaramucci has changed his stance

On his beliefs for this rare chance

To fend off Feds attack the press

Curse on camera…now that’s success


Trump was bad, climate change was real

Now Trump’s good, not the climate deal

He was pro-choice, for gun control

Now he loves Trump, and has no soul 


Boarding Titanic as it sinks

For a place in history, google links

In Italian the word for clown 

Is Scaramucci- let’s watch him drown 


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5 thoughts on “Scaramucci Said No Squealing

  1. Policy on the hoof
    Is almost an absolute proof
    That there’s an idiot in the White House
    And he’s definitely on the loose

    He now has a new advisor
    Some former Queens ex-financial advisor
    He looks a bit like a rat
    And he speaks at a rat a tat tat.

    Some say that Trump’s days are numbered
    His administration is sorely encumbered
    He likes his slogan MAGA
    But for many he is simply a blagger.

    So let us hope that the day will come
    When Robert Mueller puts an end to his run.

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  2. Because you know, of course, how very professional one sounds when he can toss out all the cuss words he knows in tweets. Oh my gosh, Lydia. Just when you think it cannot get any worse. It does!

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