Thank You For ACA John McCain!

The Republican’s so called “skinny repeal” failed in the Senate late last night with a vote of 51 to 49. It was a vote along party lines, with the exception of the three Republican senators who voted no, thereby ending Trump’s goal to dismantle former President Obama’s legacy, killing one poor American at a time in the process. 

The modified lighter version of Republican American Health Care Act was advertised as a more humane version of the original, this one would have only knocked 19 million off health insurance and raised premiums for everyone else by 20%. Republicans promised (with fingers crossed behind their backs) that this bill would be improved eventually, aka— “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” 

Another shallow argument made in attempt to garner a winning vote was— even if you don’t like the bill, vote yes now, show your loyalty to the GOP, but worry not my fellow politicians, because the bill shall fail in the House regardless— a highly unlikely scenario since the original more extreme bill easily passed in the House. 

The three heroic Republican Senators who saved the Afordable Care Act are: Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and redeeming himself after Tuesday’s vote, John McCain of Arizona. 

Thank you John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski!

John McCain on Tuesday had returned to congress, after brain surgery, in order to cast his yes vote along with the GOP, after reciting a long winded and highly hypocritical speech which implied he would not vote as he did. But as I said he redeemed himself on Thursday.

Apparently Thursday night’s entertainment highlight was an unsuccessful Republican pile up on McCain effort by Trump, Pence, Ryan and McConnell. 

Had McCain voted as he did on Tuesday the vote would have tied as it did on Tuesday, leaving Pence to cast the deciding vote as he did on Tuesday. Thank you John McCain for finally casting a vote in line with your words.

While McCain did not initially vote in a way that reflected his words, Senators Murkowski and Collins have consistently voted against any form of the bill, putting their constituents best interests before partisan politics.

Trump has since sought revenge against Alaska’s Murkowski, and through his Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, attempted to extort by threatening retaliation against her state by blocking energy exploration and derailing plans to construct new roads. While these bullying tactics might work with Trump in business, blackmail and vendettas are highly illegal in the U.S. political world. Trump will eventually be held accountable for his actions.
Okay, that nightmare is over, McConnell and Ryan should go home for the summer and let the big kids get back to removing Russia from the White House.


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3 thoughts on “Thank You For ACA John McCain!

  1. John McCain a true American hero acting on behalf of all the American people not just the Trump base. Oh if only was President now – what a different political environment it would be. Trump is a bumbling fool, even Republican senators think he is insane and hopefully his days are numbered as a result of the washing of illegal Russian money.

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