Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

I grew up in Chicago before winters became mild. Chicago winters today are, like creamy peanut butter, for wimps. There can not be two opinions on this, because it is not opinion, it is a fact. Real men and women eat crunchy peanut butter. Likewise, pre-Y2K Chicago winters were crunchy, super crunchy, the stuff of … Continue reading Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Well, we can't blame Betsy Devos for this one; she was not Secretary of Education when I was in school. I am a product of the inept Chicago public school system of yore. Twas a bit subpar when compared to other city schools in the U.S. Their biggest crime was a longterm failed effort to … Continue reading An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Your Choice of Role Models Can Affect Your Future

Having a role model, someone you aspire to be like, either at present or in future, is important. Today I will examine how my own early choices of role models affected my future life. What happens if the role models children choose are not reasonable? I watched Michael Jordan’s crazy skills in the 1990’s. I … Continue reading Your Choice of Role Models Can Affect Your Future

Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes

He can't recall exactly  Would you repeat that please I'm not aware of anything That answer should appease ~ Contempt of congress with a smile  And southern hospitality Jeff Sessions can't answer by virtue  Of "confidentiality"  ~ That isn't a choice offered To refuse an answer "just incase" At some future date or time Or … Continue reading Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes

Help Me Siri…

Plain and simple: Today is as cold as a Scotsman's chimney, and my car won't start. As always, when faced with a crisis I turn to Siri for help. What does Siri tell me today? "Okay Lydia love, here's what I've found:" (yes my Siri is a British man who calls me Lydia love- so what?) … Continue reading Help Me Siri…

Cubs Win! What’s Left?

As is evidenced in this viral photo of Bill Murray, emotions ran high last night. Today hungover Cubs fans everywhere are trying to process what happened. "When the Cubs win the World Series" has long been synonymous with "When Hell freezes over." So now what? Where do we go from here? What is there left … Continue reading Cubs Win! What’s Left?