Spicer on Emmys 

Sean Spicer’s 30 second appearance on last night’s Emmys was the highlight of the show for me. That is not to say it was particularly hilarious, because I thought the Emmys fell flat. I was bored…

Feel free to skip this paragraph of analysis, this is me time. I almost never turn on my television, so none of the people patting each other on the back on “The Emmys” merited my admiration or interest. By virtue of the political nature my blog has taken on of late, (my family is very happy I’ve turned my focus away from them), I’m burnt out on Trump subtleties. I have been a Colbert fan forever, but he has become redundant, as have I…as has Trump. I’m ready to take on new subjects, or even to go back to discussing my children, (now in high school and college), but until Trump is gone I can’t ignore what I see. 

Sean Spicer has been replaced in the White House by Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Press Secretary. Both she and Spicer have had bursts of anger and indignation directed at the press for asking questions they don’t want to answer. 

Sanders is harder to like than Spicer was… and Spicer was hard to like. 

Neither of them present a polished professional visage. For Spicer we can blame poorly chosen and ill-fitted suits and tendency to stutter. For Sanders, the 1980’s style heavy makeup, slouchy posture, lazy southern drawl, and, although she does have a full complement of front teeth, she gives the impression that she is lacking a proper eduction. Sanders, unlike Sean Spicer, is without humor, and humor to me is as good as an IQ test. She could be a Rhodes Scholar like Bill Clinton for all I know, but her frequent inability to form a coherent sentence lends credibility to my observation. The job as Press Secretary may well have desiccated what was once fun loving happy person, but no one is forcing her to be the voice of a liar.

Sean Spicer is bravely making the rounds on shows that highlighted his absurdities in his job, and he is making a valiant attempt to laugh with us. His insecurities are endearing…but maybe not. Spicer recently gave a post Press Secretary interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. 

I want to like him. He survived torture, but here is the thing— he was tortured by choice. He didn’t have to defend and attempt to normalize the inexcusable. One example would be his pushing forward an agenda to strip millions of their healthcare.

“Look, your job as Press Secretary is to represent the presidents voice.” ~ Sean Spicer

I see the difficulty in the position. The job of Press Secretary in a Trump White House can not be an easy one if you have a distaste for falsities and alternative facts. The bottom line is Sean Spicer was paid to lie to the American people and when the press made it difficult, which is their job, he along with Trump, set out to de-legitimize them. 

Sean Spicer did not have to prostitue his integrity, he chose to. It’s good that he got out and can laugh at himself, but I am not sympathetic to the hardships he suffered. 

I would not be surprised to see him, possibly alongside Melissa McCarthy, on SNL next season, but I don’t think he’s going to ever fully redeem himself.  


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