Seven Wonders for Pharma-Bro

Look beyond illusion To find that which is real Seven seeks then considers Truth from all who steal ~ Seven stars in the Big Dipper Toll deadly sins Count Snow White's dwarfs Earth's continents therein ~ Seven virgins in heaven Roman Kings to fear Score the modulations of Trumpet sounds we hear ~ Copper gifts … Continue reading Seven Wonders for Pharma-Bro

Smirking Pharma-Bro Goes to Jail

A story in the LA Times today begins "Inmate No. 87850-053 has no internet service." A severe punishment indeed for anyone whose existence is centered around social media. Internet service is air to the particular inmate of whom they speak— smirking "Pharma Bro" 35 year old Martin Shkreli, ex-pharmaceutical CEO, and hedge fund con-man. Shkreli, … Continue reading Smirking Pharma-Bro Goes to Jail