Who Called Flynn?

Today I want you to give you good news because there was good news this week We have received a sign that Special Counsel Mueller is not unaware Fred Flintstone has rolled over his work, and he’s not going to allow said Attorney General to continue to protect the obstructor in chief, by sitting on … Continue reading Who Called Flynn?

Guns and Democracy 

Is America Great Again? Now we all know  Acquiring a permit allows you to go Through the streets of Nevada, machine gun in hand “It’s the price of “freedom”— this I can’t stand You can not claim to be a “life” proponent If healthcare for a fetus is not a component “Pro-life” has become an … Continue reading Guns and Democracy 

The Last Days of Chaffetz—

We have to endure three days after today, then Congress will be rid of Jason Chaffetz. I don't think I can stand it. The man with the Apple Watch and the IPhone, who famously pushed the Republican's answer to healthcare by saying Americans should give up their iPhones if they can't afford health insurance, has … Continue reading The Last Days of Chaffetz—