Nighthawks~ Edward Hopper

Doomed to solitude by my imagination

The idea of you

Is so far beyond what is possible

For any human being

Which is why I leave you there

With him

While I remain here

And watch

The person I imagine you to be

But whom I know does not exist


I’ve used images created by Edward Hopper as writing prompts several times, this one most often. It pulls me in. I imagine crisp night air outside, contrasting with a blast of warmth, upon entry. Stale cigarette smoke and burnt coffee assault the senses. A staticky radio softly plays an upbeat Cole Porter song, ignored by three of the four individuals. They each have a story waiting to be told.

6 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Very moody Lydia. I am a philistine who has not heard of Edward Hopper, but by the end of today, I shall be informed. 💚

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