All Eyes on Georgia

Election results are in, except that the lame-duck has demanded a recount in targeted districts in Georgia. Biden won 49.9% of the popular vote in Georgia with 2,472,098 votes, and Squatter in Chief is at 49.2% with 2,458,121 votes. To be fair, only 13,977 votes stand between our towering leaner and 16 electoral votes. Recounts rarely change results, and these 16 electoral votes would not alter election results.

Biden is well over the 270 needed to win, without Georgia he has 290 electoral votes. The loser has 232. So, what’s the point of a recount? He wants vindication. He wants a reason to say look, they got this wrong so, the entire election is null and void. It won’t work.

Let’s forget Georgia for a minute. Nationally, Joe Biden won the popular vote by 5,852,544 with 51% of the vote. Those 79,396,170 votes are more than any U.S. President has ever received. Manbaby Rantman gets a participation trophy with 47.3% and 73,543,626.

With almost six million more votes, this election demonstrates yet again our flawed system of electing a President. Yes, Biden won, but if not for a few hundred votes in select districts in swing states results could have gone to our biggest loser. That’s how we ended up with low energy cranky grandpa in 2016. He lost the popular vote to Hillary by almost three million votes. That scenario could have played out again.

If Joe Biden does abolish the Electoral College, even if he does nothing else, he will be remembered forever for fixing our broken election system.

Election security reform would be nice too, wouldn’t it? I’d like to know we are electing our president, rather than accepting a choice made by Russia or China… or South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

Earlier this week South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was outed for asking Georgia’s Secretary of State to toss out legally cast ballots in Democratic districts. Today we found out witnesses are confirming the allegation. In normal times that act would be Graham’s curtain call. It would end his political career, and possibly result in an indictment for election tampering.

Something to ponder-— On Election Day Trump’s approval rating was 44%. How did he end up with 47.3% of the vote?

This paragraph is only for Lindsey, félicitations on winning your Senate reelection by ten points despite polls showing you trailing or tied with your opponent. A bit of advice. If somehow you run again and defy all logic by winning when you are expected to lose, try to keep the numbers within a believable three-point range to avoid suspicion.

More food for thought— Kentucky’s Ballard county has 2,285 registered Republicans, but Republican Senator Mitch McConnell received approximately 3,310. Something isn’t right in the state of Kentucky.

Let’s keep all eyes on the Georgia Senate run-off election. Results could shift the power in the Senate. People, like Lindsey, are desperate to keep the majority. Everyone deserves to have their vote counted.

Speaking of cybersecurity, (were we?) our failed candidate didn’t like the fact that everyone wasn’t corroborating his story of election fraud, so today he did what he does best. He fired another qualified department leader. Who needs cybersecurity right before a game-changing senate run-off?

Stupid Nixon has once again exposed the jugular of our National Security, this time by firing Christopher Krebs, the Chief of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Division. Krebs was responsible for the defense of our 2020 election, and he confirmed the integrity of the results- much to Trumpelthinskin’s chagrin.

It appears we will continue to partake of our daily dose of fresh Hell, until Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20. We have to survive captain crazy for two months. Then we have Covid19 to worry about. I only wish there were some adults left in the White House.

12 thoughts on “All Eyes on Georgia

  1. Changing tge way we elect the president is fine, but be careful what you want to change it to. A direct vote first past the post would not be a better idea. Winning with a thirty five per cent plurality does not represent the wished of the majority.

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  2. I just don’t see how, in good conscience, Trump can be allowed to stay in the White House when he is doing NOTHING! Skipping Thanksgiving to sit in the WH and tweet?? This is what leaders do? This is so nuts.

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    1. I wish he was doing nothing. Trump is a threat to national security more now than ever.

      All we have is the house majority for now. He’s surrounded with yes men and fires everyone else. Barr and McConnell are in it for the long haul. I don’t know if anything will end before January 20.

      Who would have thought we’d ever be in this position in the U.S? I never understood how the Germans allowed Nazis to take over, but here we are.

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      1. I was thinking nothing with Covid. And then he’s mad because Biden might get credit for the vaccine? This guy is a threat, alright. There is way too much time between now and Jan 20 for him to do way too much (more) damage. And the whole world knows that. This is a dilemma to me, Lydia. So all these people are scared to say something to him because they’d get fired? Such BS. This is a craziness I never thought I would see.

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      2. Oh— Yea, he would rather let people die than let Biden’s team start working on Covid.

        The vaccine was developed by German scientists at Pfizer- but Trump would love to take credit, because this is all a competition. He doesn’t care that over 250k Americans have died.


  3. There’s something else that would be fair ~ why don’t the Democrats impeach U.S. President Donald Trump again before January 20th? Why not have a little fun with that? You know, a little titt for tat…

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    1. I wish congress would do anything! Democrats have been too passive. My only thought is that maybe they want to get through this term without upsetting the crazies in Trump’s base.
      Republicans are playing a dangerous game, without rules, enabling Trump, while Democrats carefully color inside the lines.

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      1. I think these people have to be watched very closely. You’re just the one to do it. So carry on! Carry on & report! And thank you, Captain Lydia!!!

        I would have liked to let Trump finish up his stuff but he’s too destructive to let go for 4 more years. So his White House days are numbered. However, if his Mussolini clown act actually gets into the Supreme Court and that entity throws a fake one way & goes another ~ there’s Trump four more years in the White House and democracy is on a raft down the river. That’s a worst case scenario ~ Bugs Bunny style. His base might turn on him in a best case scenario. Wouldn’t that be something.

        Things might just putt-putt along as they should, if we’re lucky… and careful… and impeach him again. He likes to be the first at this and that. I’d like to see him be the first president to get impeached twice. Ah, there’d be dancing in the streets, yuh think?

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