Why Are We Surprised?

Why are we surprised? When I say we, I mean you. This is old news. Trump is a five-time draft dodger, on tape in 2015 disparaging the military service of former United States Senator John McCain. McCain had been a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, offered an early release but refused to leave his … Continue reading Why Are We Surprised?

Domestic Violence Explained… a limerick

White House Secretary Rob Porter Whom Trump hired despite his disorder Of reported abuse Let's not be obtuse Listen to GOP supporters ~~ Although photographed with a bruised face Domestic violence may not be the case Despite allegations There's an explanation Hit by him? No, she was hit by a vase ~~ My lifelong fear … Continue reading Domestic Violence Explained… a limerick

American Cacophony

Trump’s tweets, their tenor—Te Deum trilling offbeat tambourine  The tone deaf GOP’s decline bellows “lowest ratings ever seen” Score for Sarah Sanders solo sycophantic syncopation  Her words ring false in resonance- that’s her chosen occupation EPA is a-cappella as earth descends adagio Pence preludes irrelevance with overused off key vibrato   Tillerson sings the emperor-moron … Continue reading American Cacophony

Donald Trump Goes to the United Nations

Vacillating between two topics today, neither of which is pleasant, reminds me of Republican threats to congress regarding healthcare: "Sign this bill or we stop funding", aka: "Give me your lunch money or I'll punch you in the face and take your lunch money." I hate both choices, but Graham-Cassidy trying to sneak another healthcare … Continue reading Donald Trump Goes to the United Nations