DNC Night Two Was Great, But…

There are 76 days until November 03, 2020. I hope no one just wondered what happens on November 3rd. It’s Election Day. That said, it will be 154 days until I feel safe, and that is January 20, 2021, inauguration day.

Last night was night two of four of the DNC. I’m a political junkie, so I loved it, and I think it was as good as night one. In contrast, Maryanne Williamson, (who?) the esoteric crystals lady who ran for the nomination thinks the DNC “is like watching a long Marriott commercial.”

The roll call of the 57 states and territories was shot at each location, and representatives from each formally endorsed Biden. It was inspiring. Following the roll call, Joe Biden accepted the nomination to be the Democratic presidential candidate for 2020, POTUS-46.

Speakers last night included President Jimmy and First Lady Rose Carter, President Bill Clinton, former Attorney General Sally Yates, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, John Kerry, Stacey Abrams, Chuck Schumer a healthcare advocate who suffers from ALS, Ady Barkan, and many others.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg recounted her experience working with Biden, then she and her son, Jack Schlossberg endorsed Joe Biden.

A segment devoted to Biden’s long friendship with Republican Senator John McCain highlighted both their abilities to reach across the aisle, breaking through the divide this GOP is currently cemented in.

All who spoke endorsed Biden. It wasn’t until the last segment that I learned something new, who Jill Biden is. We will be lucky to have her as First Lady.


The four hours of this convention have flown by, and I do look forward to the next two nights.

Tonight’s all-star DNC lineup:

  • Billie Eilish (I’m old and don’t know who that is.)
  • Senator, and the next Vice President, Kamala Harris,
  • President Barack Obama,
  • The 2016 winner of the popular vote, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
  • Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi,
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

The DNC is all well and good. We all need to feel warm and fuzzy sometimes, but…

I am Susan Collins (new synonym for *very concerned,) that yesterday’s big news story was overshadowed by the shiny DNC one. Volume 5 of the Senate Intelligence report was released, and it is damning.

“The Committee found that the Russian government engaged in an aggressive, multi-faceted effort to influence, or attempt to influence, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.”


Where the Mueller report was silenced, this nearly 1,000-page report released yesterday proves Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Mike Pence implicates himself in his own email in which he confirms his debt to Putin for putting him in the White House.

Now Senate Republicans are undercutting their own bipartisan report. They are lying about what they found, attempting to do what Bill Barr did to the Mueller report. This is nothing if not criminal.

This should be the top story from now until these people are indicted.

And what do you know, Junior?


The full night DNC Night 2.

3 thoughts on “DNC Night Two Was Great, But…

  1. Timing of the report is interesting. My husband and I wondered if maybe the Reps were setting the stage to try and not nominate the Donald…or to impeach him and remove him from office in order to save the tattered remains of their “party”. I understand that there is a real chance Moscow Mitch could get the heave ho from Kentucky voters.

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    1. Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. That would be an interesting turn of events. Anything is possible in crazy town.

      The only reason I have to doubt it is that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and a few others are denying the report says what it says. They’re using Bill Barr’s strategy.

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