Biden and Harris, the Dynamic Duo

White men of the grand old party are afraid. They would have preferred almost any other candidate, but Biden’s Vice Presidential pick has left them scrambling.

Kamala Harris is smart, experienced, and she does her homework. I sat up and took notice when she made Brett (I like beer) Kavanaugh cry. Her questioning of Bill Barr resulted in his humiliation- or would have if he had enough self-awareness to feel humiliation. She is a warrior.

The immediate response by Trump and his enablers has been charming.

Trump called her “phony,” and “nasty.”

Representative Collins asked if she would now hide in Biden’s basement with him.

Representative Gym Jordan, the former wrestling coach from Ohio State who turned a blind eye to sexual predation, responded by insulting the entire city of San Francisco, Kamala’s hometown.

Representative Matt (I drive drunk) Gaetz asked how many times Biden will have to be reminded who he chose.

FOX’s Fucker Carlson intentionally, and repeatedly mispronounced her name, after being corrected several times.

Other snarky meaningless words were blindly hurled at the “radical left” by Trump’s biggest sycophants. That’s all they’ve got. They’re afraid, and I love it.

VP Pence and future VP Kamala Harris are scheduled to debate on October 7 in Utah, per the previously announced schedule. Will his wife, mother, allow him to debate a woman?

Joe Biden’s choice of Ms. Harris has breathed life into the Democratic Party. Biden raised $10.8 million in the four hours after announcing his choice. I can not describe how hopeful I am, for the first time in years. Yesterday was a good day.

This is not to say we should be complacent. During Trump’s press conference yesterday he accused Joe Biden of “high treason,” which is punishable by death. While we have become numb to Trump’s attempts at authoritarianism, we can not forget that he is taking direction from Putin. This is not the same America it once was.

Trump also said the election will be rigged. His attempt to project his crimes onto his opponents has become transparent, and this is clearly an admission of his plans to cheat.

If you follow world news you may have read what is happening in Belarus.

Sunday’s presidential election appeared to be a landslide win of over 80% for Belarusian President of 26 years, Alexander Lukashenko, who has been nicknamed Europe’s last dictator.

On Monday, Lukashenko’s opposing candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya attempted to file a complaint with Belarus’ central elections committee. She demanded a recount after numerous claims were made of election fraud, including widespread ballot stuffing and falsifications.

Tikhanovskaya disappeared for several hours. She had been held at an unknown location before a video was released in which she appeared reading a concession statement under duress. She has since has fled the country, saying she had no choice and that her children are what is most important.

Protesters have since taken to the streets. Videos show them under attack by police dressed in unidentifiable black riot gear. Protesters have been shot with rubber bullets, beaten, attacked with water cannons, and tear gas. Many have been arrested. Meanwhile, journalists filming in the capital Minsk were attacked by police who attempted to destroy their equipment.

Belarus looks like Portland. This might be where we are headed if we don’t take our country back before it’s too late.

We will have to fight for a fair election. Everyone must vote, early, using a hand-marked paper ballot.

My personal plan is to hand-deliver my mail-in ballot during early voting. That way I bypass the post office, avoid using the touchscreen voting machines, and I will the long lines. My ballot will be hand-marked on paper.


Incidentally, while the big VP announcement occupied the media, pedophile sex trafficking accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell was quietly taken off suicide watch.🤔 Will she be suicided this week?

3 thoughts on “Biden and Harris, the Dynamic Duo

  1. I am thrilled. This is exactly the right pair to move the USA back toward greatness. I have like Kamala Harris from the start. If the federal government hadn’t been gutted so badly I might have wanted her at the top of the ticket. A sit is I believe that combined with Joe Biden’s knowledge of how a functioning administration works and her knowledge of law we stand a good chance of recovering from the fascist regime…if they are elected.

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