How’s it Swinging? Today’s POTUS Polls

tRumpigula is livid. Last week he demanded CNN formally apologize for their poll results, and he threatened legal action—for poll results. CNN ignored him. Now all the other polls, including the Republican-leaning Rasmussen, are showing a double-digit preference for Biden.

Today’s numbers from RASMUSSEN bad news for Hair Führer:

National General Election:

Biden 48% (+12)

Putin’s Puppet 36%

As a point of reference, this map shows which states went to whom in 2016. Swing states are yellow.

Let’s check those states that have been close and unpredictable in the last few presidential campaigns, (AKA swing-states, in yellow.)


Biden 55% (+16)

Donny-Two-Scoops 39%


Biden 53% (+13)

Lyin King 40%


Biden 49% (+9)

Lord Feltersnatch 40%


Biden 43% (-1)

Benedict Donald 44%


Biden 46% (-4)

Angry Yam 50%


Biden 51% (+11)

Fuckface Von Clownstick 40%


Biden 49% (+5)

Deficit Donny 44%


Biden 49% (+4)

Low-Energy Cranky Grandpa 45%

New Hampshire:

Biden 50% (+8)

Cheeto Benito 42%

North Carolina:

Biden 49% (+4)

Trumplethinskin 45%


Biden 45% (+2)

Manbaby Rantman 43%


Biden 51% +12

Delusional Donny 39%

Red Texas is gradually turning blue, and as such, has become a swing state, so let’s check those numbers.


Biden 48% (tied)

Inmate#45 48%

The Orange Menace is angry at today’s numbers and has canceled his morning press briefing with his press secretary. He is no doubt on the phone with Putin trying to formulate a plan B. These polls are bad for plan A.

What is plan A? Cheating. Foolius Caesar hates bad poll numbers, not only because of his fragile ego but because he plans to cheat in this election too. He’ll only get away with it if polls are close, however, if they show him losing by double digits it will also be hard for him to call the election fake and refuse to leave office.

The moral of today’s post is that Fat Nixon has to lose by a big number or there will be Hell-toupee.

That will only happen if EVERYONE votes, Bernie bros too. This is not the time to prove a point because your candidate didn’t become the nominee. Confirm your voter registration and polling station today, at

In other news today, karma took a big bite out of Cotton’s bolls.

The South Carolina Republican Congressman Tom Cotton, who refused to wear a mask on the House floor, has just announced that he, his wife, and his son, have been infected with COVID19.

6 thoughts on “How’s it Swinging? Today’s POTUS Polls

  1. Karma’s a bitch, but some people just refuse to believe. I think tRump’s people are trashtalking. Did you see the MSN headline…Donny’s supporters see a ‘landslide victory.’ I think the fine print says, “For Biden.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lydia.
    Normally I don’t care for nam-calling but today you’ve made it fun-ny.
    Girl, I hear you about elections, getting out there, and potential trouble lies ahead but you did not comment on the issues with GA (and other Nazi states) and how the GOP is making it hard or impossible for minorities and blacks and poor people to cast a ballot. What’up?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They absolutely are engaged in voter fraud and disenfranchisement. I have written about it several times, and will again. It’s infuriating that they cheat in broad daylight.
      The machines Georgia purchased for hundreds of millions of dollars to mollify those of us who demand paper ballots are actually touch screen machines that spit out a paper bar-code that you can’t read to see if your vote was what you wanted it to be. Then you feed the paper bar code into another machine that counts your vote.
      There is no paper trail.
      Until we get a majority Democratic Congress and a Democratic potis, that won’t change. – Because Moscow Mitch.
      I don’t like name calling, but he deserves it. 😜

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      1. Yes, I was referring to the most recent unfathomable voter issues in GA. It’s beyond comprehension how tRump tirades about voter fraud, etc. and yet…blatant fraud is committed (by republicans) in so many (southern) states. We have the protests/riots about BLM – and it true – but we can’t get much done if we do not DO something about these dictators (what else can I call them?) in state governments that deliberately suppress and strip voters of the right to vote/change government. It’s such a mess.
        And again…what are the dems (and some republicans that actually want to preserve democracy/constitutional rights) going to DO?? I’ve heard no more about it since.

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