So, Bye-Bye, Representative King

Almost four years now we’ve been on our own;

America’s become a danger zone.

While Bunker boy takes to take the field

The marching crowd has been maced to yield.


This isn’t how it was meant to be;

Forefathers fought for this country.

Would Blackwater thugs beat them away?

But I have happy news to share today—


Yesterday some states held primaries.

Results have been counted for us to see,

Polling volunteers adjourned,

A final verdict has been returned.


You might remember his racist remarks,

Neo-Nazi stepped out from the dark,

Misogynistic too, insensitive,

This Iowa Representative.


Give him a box to pack his things;

The GOP has no longer has Steve King.

Cross him off the list of influence.

Now he’ll join his constituents,


Not in a town hall meeting, no

They were rarely held, he’d never go.

I’m smiling, happy. Is it a crime?

Look for him in the unemployment line—

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